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The ultimate premium gift guide for the yoga lover in your life

Here are the best gifts you can give a yoga enthusiast

yoga class
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We all have that one person in our lives who lives and breathes yoga. This gift guide is for them. Whether your friend or family member is a yoga newbie or a longtime yoga enthusiast, we highly recommend these products that go beyond just a basic yoga mat. Behold: the ultimate gift guide for the yogi in your life.

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Yoga Dice

Many yoga lovers start out by going to classes or watching YouTube videos. After a while, though, that guidance is no longer needed, though some may not even realize it. The gift of the Yoga Dice can help your yogi friend take their practice to the next level. This little box of dice offers yoga pose suggestions so yogis can string them together and form their own yoga sequences. This is a fun, low-cost option for the intermediate yogi in your life.

yoga blanket
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Yoga Blanket

In yoga, blankets are used both for comfort and as a bolster or pillow. Yoga is both a meditative and a strenuous practice, and a soft yet sturdy blanket can enhance the experience. This option — a thick Mexican blanket — is known to be great for yoga. Yogis of all skill levels will appreciate this gift, and it comes in several different colors.

yoga 365
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Yoga 365: Daily Wisdom for Life, On and Off the Mat

Lots of people who do yoga aren’t just in it for the exercise; it’s about the principles of the practice as well. The book Yoga 365: Daily Wisdom for Life, On and Off the Mat is full of ancient tales, life lessons, yoga poses, and mantras to live by. It was written by Susanna Harwood Rubin, a longtime artist and yoga instructor. This small, hardcover book will help any yoga lover deepen their practice by taking what they learn on the yoga mat into their daily lives. If your loved one is intuitive, enjoys reading, and loves a good inspirational quote, this book is for them.

foam yoga block
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Recycled Foam Yoga Block

Foam blocks are often used in yoga as a prop to lean on in certain poses. Even the most advanced yogis use them, so they are a good gift for yoga enthusiasts of any skill level. This recycled foam yoga block is especially practical because it is high-density and firm — not a cheap piece of foam that would leave you falling over. Plus, it is an earth-conscious product, which many yogis would appreciate. It is 4-by-6-by-9 inches and comes in two colors: midnight blue and thunder grey. The company that sells it, Manduka, is well-versed in yoga props and also sells yoga straps, towels, and other yoga accessories to complete the set.

foldable yoga mat
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Jade Voyager Yoga Mat 

Let’s get into yoga mats. A good yoga mat has just the right amount of grip and cushion to perform poses without slipping and without feeling the hardness of the floor so much that it hurts. That can be a hard balance to achieve, and some lower-quality yoga mats can make yoga classes uncomfortable. The Jade Voyager Yoga Mat has been rated among the top yoga mats for professional yogis and is a great gift if your yoga lover is looking to upgrade. Plus, it rolls up nice and tight and therefore is easy to transport.

cork yoga mat
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Cork Yoga Mat

Does your friend or family member go to hot yoga classes? Then this very well may be the gift for them. This airy, 100% vegan product is made of all recycled materials and sustains well in hot yoga conditions. It is the original cork yoga mat and comes in several different colors. Its mix of cork and rubber makes the mat not only extremely light and easily portable but also non-stick and durable.

canvas yoga mat tote
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Canvas Tote for Yoga Mat

If your yogi is always on the go, this canvas tote would be the perfect gift for them. This tote bag is spacious, easy to carry, and designed especially for carrying yoga mats. It has a slot to slip a yoga mat right into. Its large design also means that it can fit lots of yoga accessories as well. This is the prime gift for any yogi who attends regular yoga classes outside their home. It zips fully and is water resistant, so it’s great for those who attend outdoor yoga classes at the park or beach as well.

yoga mat wash
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Mat Wash

Let’s face it — yoga gets sweaty. The yogi in your life could use mat wash to clean off their yoga mat between sessions. This mat wash is a simple spray made by Gaiam, a popular brand when it comes to yoga products. The mat spray disinfects and removes any sweat or dirt, while not doing any damage to the mat. It is made with organic essential oils.

lululemon leggings
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Lululemon Leggings

A yoga lover gift guide would be incomplete without a good pair of leggings. Lululemon is a brand most have heard of, but did you know they make leggings especially for yoga? Any yoga lover would be thrilled to receive these high-end leggings that are soft and flexible, designed specifically for the types of moves they’ll be doing on the mat.

Need a gift for the yoga lover in your life? We’re sure that any of the options in this gift guide will do wonders. Whether your friend or family member is a beginner to yoga or a seasoned professional, all yogis can use some new gear or yoga accessories, and these would all make perfect gifts that they’ll appreciate and enjoy.

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