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Mountain bike gift guide: 12 fantastic ideas for the mountain biker in your life

Mountain bike gifts for the mountain biker in your life

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Let me guess—you know someone who spends much of their time on their mountain bike. Or, you are, in fact, the person who spends a lot of time mountain biking, and you’re hoping to drop some hints to a significant other.

Look no further. We’ve compiled a comprehensive gift guide for every mountain biker, with gifts from big to small. 

The Smith Wildcat sunglasses with Red Mirror ChromaPop lens
Travis Reill / The Manual

Mountain bike apparel and accessories

Lightweight Nuyarn Merino Pocket T

Wool wins, especially if it is Nuyarn merino wool. Don’t let the word fool you; Trew Gear’s Lightweight Nuyarn Merino Basic T is perfect for both hot and cold weather. The Basic T wicks sweat and moisture away better than other performance fabrics while drying quickly. This is especially important for keeping you warm on cold days.

Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

Mountain bike with maximum coverage and protection with the Smith Wildcat sunglasses. Smith’s ChromaPop lens makes trail features crisp and clear, illuminating the details around you, even in shaded areas. The Wildcats also have clear lenses for those cloudy days or night rides.

evo Performance Merino Bike Socks

Mountain biking with sweaty and soggy feet is no fun. Feet soaked from sweat can turn dangerous if riding in cold weather without proper socks. Stay away from poly or nylon blend synthetics—certainly stay away from cotton—as those do a poor job at wicking moisture away and staying warm. Grab a pair of Performance Merino Bike Socks from Evo. These socks fit perfectly in a stocking.

Smith Forefront 2 MTB Cycle Helmet

The first purchase made after buying a mountain bike is a mountain biking helmet. And while there are many options and a wide range of prices, don’t skimp. There isn’t a price we can put on our brains…but if there were, it would be the price of a Smith Forefront 2 mountain bike helmet. Not only is the Forefront 2 wildly comfortable and well-ventilated, it has some of the best protection for a trail helmet in its category. The Forefront 2 boasts full Koroyd coverage and MIPS technology. Simply put, it is one of the best mountain bike helmets out there.

Preparing to wash 2 mountain bikes
Travis Reill / The Manual

Must-haves for your mountain bike

Feedback Sports Range Torque ​+ Ratchet Combo Wrench

Have you ever wondered what the little numbers next to a bolt-hole on mountain bike components are? For example, it may say something like “5Nm” next to a stem bolt. These are specs for a torque wrench, which needs to be in every mountain biker’s garage. Knowing how tight a bolt should be on a mountain bike is especially important when dealing with carbon fiber—whether that is a frame or components. Tightening a bolt too much can crack carbon, and not tightening it enough can cause a crash. 

Ergon GE1 Evo Factory Grips

Do you want to know one of the safest gifts to get a mountain biker? New grips. Grips are a must-have on every mountain bike and something mountain bikers go through relatively quickly. Typically, mountain bikers can be particular about what grips they ride. A good trick to get the right ones is to take a picture of their current ones and go to a local bike shop. If that doesn’t work, Ergon makes some of the most comfortable grips and is a safe choice when in doubt. Grab some of Ergon’s GE1 grips and throw them in the mountain biker’s stocking.

Crank Brothers Multi-20 Tool

The first mountain bike malfunction while on the trail will have any mountain biker bringing a multitool on every ride in the future. The Crank Brother’s Multi-20 tool has everything to fix a bike trailside and finish the ride. For significant issues, the Crank Brother’s Multi-20 will get the mountain bike ridable and back to the bike shop. Nothing is worse than being 7 miles away from your car and needing a 4mm hex wrench. Be prepared. 

Dakine Gripper Bike Bag

Being prepared for a mechanical issue or a flat tire while mountain biking is important. People avoid riding with the guy who is constantly asking for spare tubs or patch kits. But multitools, CO2 cartridges, tubes, and tire levers can take up a lot of room in your pack. So strap them to your bike frame and forget about them. Grab a Dakine Gripper Bike Bag and carry it all. Hell, it’s even a great place to hold a granola bar.

Muc-Off 206 5 Piece Premium Brush Kit

Riding a dirty mountain bike is one of the most damaging things a mountain biker can do. Grinding dirt and mud into a drivetrain or suspension is easily preventable by giving the mountain bike a regular wash. Muc-Off has an excellent brush kit with everything you need to keep that bike sparkling.

Forge and Bond's new trail wheelset, the F+B 30 AM
Forge and Bond / Forge and Bond

Mountain bike gifts worth spending extra

Insta360 X3 – Waterproof 360 Action Camera

Mountain bikers enjoy bringing their friends along for the ride. If they aren’t there in person, they can experience the ride by watching footage later. The Insta360 X3 action camera is fantastic for capturing all mountain biking experiences. Whether shooting POV, stationary trailside, or mounted high in 360 modes, the Insta360 X3 can do it all.

Forge and Bond 30 AM carbon all-mountain wheelset

A high-end wheelset is one of the most significant upgrades you can make to your mountain bike. If you want the best, look no further than Forge and Bond’s latest trail offering, the 30 AM carbon wheels. They spin up fast, damp trail chatter, and hold corners better than most wheels.

Canyon Spectral 29 CF 8

Maybe the mountain biker in your life has been rolling on an older mountain bike. Even in the last few years, mountain bikes have changed significantly. A new bike may be a great option. For top-of-the-line components at a mid-level price, look no further than the Canyon Spectral CF 8. This aggressive trail bike offers quick, efficient climbing despite its 160/150mm travel numbers, which are appreciated while taking big hits during the descent. 

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