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Jeff Turbett

Jeff Turbett

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jeff Turbett is a health and wellness coach with over three years of experience transforming clients lives and physical health. He now resides outside of Miami, Fl, and before that, spent his life in Wisconsin - he knows the overwhelming benefits the outdoors can have on overall wellness.  Having been an athlete his whole life, he understands the importance of cross-training and the numerous benefits it can correlate to overall well-being. Jeff is also a contributor to other fitness publications.


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Family watching TV together

23 of the best gifts for dad this Christmas

Whether your dad is a fitness lover, an audiophile, an outdoorsman, or something in between, we've got a gift idea for him.
Bodybuilder doing shoulder press

The best shoulder workouts: These are the exercises you need

Build bulletproof shoulders that are strong and healthy and that make fitting into shirts a challenge by doing these 8 best shoulder exercises.
Pouring a cup of coffee.

Why does coffee make you poop? Science explains

Once that first sip of coffee hits, we start to feel the effects. Why does coffee make you poop and is it anything coffee lovers should be concerned about?
Man putting gel in his hair

A good hair gel is a haircare necessity, and these are our faves

Keep your hair looking slick with hair gel, which offers both hold and shine. Find the one that’s right for you with our top hair gel picks.
Ernest Hemingway

Our essential Ernest Hemingway reading list

Ernest Hemingway is considered by many the greatest author of all time. Find out which of his novels are at the top of our list of the best Hemingway books.
Man using face moisturizer

The 14 best men’s face moisturizers with SPF to slow down aging

Moisturizers and sunscreens are two essential skincare products. So, we've rounded up the best face moisturizers with SPF for every skin type and budget.
A close-up of watermelon slices.

The benefits of watermelon as a post-workout recovery food

The benefits of watermelon are great reasons to add this fruit to your post-workout routine. Let's cut this melon's secrets open and see why it's a super fruit.
Workout app on a phone with running shoes

Get help getting fit: The 16 best workout apps for men

Finding time to hit the gym or take a class can be tough when life happens. So here are the best workout apps of 2023 to help you dominate this year.
Jason Statham

The 9 best beard styles for bald men: Follow these Hollywood leading men

Hollywood's leading men have been rocking beards and bald heads for years and you should, too. Here are the best to emulate.
Ralph Lauren Roberts Leather Driver in brown leather on a light gray background.

A summer footwear guide: 6 incredible men’s shoes for every occasion

Swap those heavy, dark shoes for something a bit lighter in color and weight.
Cyclist balancing on a bike in a barren landscape.

The 7 best strength-training exercises every cyclist needs to add to their workout

Whether you're hitting the open road on two wheels during the summer or taking up spin classes, make the most of those sessions with these exercises.
An assortment of citrus fruits and nuts.

12 tips for healthy habits from TB12 body coach Bryan Hart

TB12, the health and wellness company founded by Tom Brady and trainer Alex Guerrero, offers The Manual readers 12 tips for a well-balanced life.
A man taking a shower in the bathtub.

The 15 best 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners to shorten your shower time

These best 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners will cut some time out of your shower routine without leaving you feeling like you missed a step.
Man wearing swim trunks in the water

The best men’s swim trunks to wear (for both style and comfort)

The best men's swim trunks combine a tailored fit of your favorite pair of shorts with stunning style points you need at the beach, pool, or lake.
Man checking out ingrown hair in the mirror

The 10 best products to minimize ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs cause irritation and itching. But these best ingrown hair products for 2023 contain skin-soothing ingredients for a smooth shave.
A made bed showing off the Avocado mattress logo.

Avocado Green Mattress review: Is this eco-friendly mattress worth it?

With a heavy emphasis placed on mental health, the Avocado Green Mattress offers a way to improve one's sleep while staying environmentally friendly.
Nashville trainer and podcaster Nick Carrier working out

The 10 best 20-minute at-home workouts for every fitness goal

Nashville trainer and podcaster Nick Carrier breaks down his best 20-minute at-home workouts to achieve all fitness goals.
A close-up of fresh beets on wooden table.

These are the benefits of beets (the ultimate natural pre-workout boost)

From lowering blood pressure to fighting inflammation, beets offer many health benefits, like allowing you to supplement your workouts naturally.
Man using muscle rub cream

The 7 best creams, CBD oils, and gels to relieve pain

For nagging aches, pain relief creams can make pain more manageable. Here are our favorite muscle gels and creams in 2023.
A Kiko leather wallet money clip holding a $20 bill.

The 14 best money clips to help you ditch your bulky wallet

Money clips are the perfect life and style upgrade to a more refined look — something every man can benefit from.
Eggs on salad.

Improve your hair: 14 delicious biotin-rich foods to add to your diet right now

Here are some of the best biotin-containing foods that can support hair growth, healthy skin, and energy metabolism.
Man using shaving oil

The 12 best pre-shave oils to get your closest, most comfortable shave yet

Pre-shave oil is one of the most important parts of a man's shaving routine for a close and comfortable shave.
Man relaxing and meditating

8 mindful mental health apps to help you reduce stress and cope

These apps are some great options that aggregate chats, resources, and other assets to help you realize optimal mental balance and tranquility.
Man shaving against the grain.

Father’s Day gift guide: The best grooming products for dad

Our 2023 gift guide will keep your dad well groomed with these products, helping him feel the love this Father's Day.
Man with a chiseled jawline.

The 11 best facial exercises for that Brad Pitt jawline

Are you trying to get that chiseled, Brad Pitt jawline? Here are the best face exercises to get a diamond-cut jawline.
Runner wearing compression socks during a race.

These are the benefits of compression socks for runners that you need to know

Considering compression socks for running? Here's why runners wear compression socks and their benefits.
Strong quad muscles.

The 23 best quad exercises for tree trunk-sized quads

Strengthening your quads will help boost your power, strength, and speed and help you fill out your jeans properly.
Man drinking a protein shake before exercising.

After eating a meal, be sure to wait to workout: This is how long you should wait to exercise

Exercising immediately after eating can cause cramps and indigestion. Learn how long to wait to work out after eating.
Shirtless man exercising at home.

Working out at a gym is overrated: The best at-home workout equipment for men

Why pay for the gym when working out from home is just as good? All you need is a few key at-home workout equipment pieces to get yourself into shape.
Steak, chicken and pork.

The carnivore diet: What is it, and should you try it?

The carnivore diet has been gaining popularity in the past few years. We break down what it is and how to do it.
Nike Master Trainer Joe Holder outside on a basketball court.

Exercise snacks are the quick, effective workouts everyone can (and should) do

Finding time to workout on a consistent basis can be a challenge. Exercise snacks can help make fitness a constant in your life — here's how.
Man looking at watch and drinking coffee

26 must-have things every man should own

What a man genuinely needs are items that will elevate the quality of his everyday looks and life. So, here are 26 things every man should own in 2023.
A man lathering some shampoo on his head in the shower, suds building up on the back of his neck.

Why taking a cold shower is beneficial, according to studies

Starting your day with a cold shower has tons of mental benefits, thanks to a decade's worth of neuroscience research.
Man eating before a workout

The best pre-workout meals — everything you need to know

If you're prepping for a big workout, what you eat matters. Try these pre-workout meals before your next workout.

New to CrossFit? Check out our beginner’s guide to CrossFit and its workouts

Working out can be dull and boring. CrossFit can help you break away from the mundane and make you the fittest version of yourself.
Pair of dumbbells and a resistance band with handles.

Resistance bands vs. dumbbells: Which are better?

Jillian Michaels, a world-renowned personal trainer, explains the benefits of dumbbells and resistance bands and if one is better than the other.
A man putting on face cream while looking in the mirror.

How to grow and maintain stubble year-round

Stubble is the Goldilocks of the facial hair world, and there is an artistry to growing and maintaining the perfect stubble.
Man holding water gun

These are the best water guns and blasters (they’re not just for kids)

Nothing says summer quite like heart-pounding water gun fights in the backyard. So, here are the best water guns and blasters for 2023.
Man performing a TRX chest press.

The 6 best TRX workouts for total body strength and conditioning

All these best TRX workouts will last just over 20 minutes, leaving you huffing and puffing to the point that the neighbors will start to worry.
Crockett and Jones highbury shoe in black.

The 5 best men’s dress shoes to step into this spring

Spring is the perfect time to upgrade your style, so make sure to get yourself the best men's dress shoes for the season today.
Man listening to music while working out.

The 10 best podcasts to listen to while working out

The best fitness podcasts to listen to at the gym will distract your mind and get you motivated for each and every workout.
Man taking a shower outdoors in the jungle

10 environmentally friendly grooming products to use beyond Earth Day

Here are the best products you can be proud to sport this Earth Day, for more natural solutions that keep you looking your best.
natural grooming brands

5 natural grooming brands we’re loving for Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here, and in honor of the holiday, we're celebrating our favorite men's grooming and sustainable brands.
Ray ban reloaded clubmaster

6 stylish pairs of men’s sunglasses to wear this season

An essential for spring, these stunning shades will add some flair and sophistication to your style.
best john steinbeck books our essential reading list ranked

8 essential John Steinbeck books everyone should read

John Steinbeck's books spur adventure and encourage compassion. Here are his best literary works, from hard-boiled reporting to whimsical allegories.
Man washing his face in the bathroom.

Shake off the winter blues with a spring grooming intervention

Learn how to freshen up for spring with our top spring men's grooming tips for 2023.
Man with a journal

How to start journaling to support your own wellbeing in 2023

Along with working out consistently, writing in a journal has been shown to help people set priorities, establish goals, and live with intention.
Yellowstone cast.

The best ‘Yellowstone’ fashion: The western wear you need to dress like the Duttons

Workwear was the first to hit the fashion scene. Now, it's western wear that's making a mark. Here's how to dress like the cast of "Yellowstone."
Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Should you worry about under-beard skincare? We ask the experts

Just because you grow out a beard doesn't mean you should neglect the skin below. We asked our skincare experts how to solve common beard-related skin issues.
James Bond actors in costume

Style icon: How to dress like James Bond

There have been numerous men's style icons, none more so than James Bond. Here's how to dress like him.