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The Macallan releases a limited-edition single malt scotch perfect for holiday gatherings

Check out a new single malt scotch from a trusted brand

The Macallan
The Macallan

The holidays are officially here. That means we are all in for more festive gatherings, soirees, and parties than we’d ever want to attend. We’ll be donning myriad ugly sweaters eating heavy, fatty foods, and indulgent desserts. We’ll also be washing it all down with single malt Scotch whisky.

And if we were going to choose one brand to drink this year while we once again listen to the seemingly hours-long tale of the time Uncle Charlie almost caught a fish as big as his boat (but didn’t) or hear your co-workers gripe about all the work they do, it would be The Macallan. One of the most well-known Scotch whisky brands of all time, The Macallan is famous for its complex, nuanced, sherry-finished expressions.

While you can spend the whole holiday season sipping on The Macallan Double Cask 12-Year and be more than happy, why not try one of the newest expressions from the beloved whisky brand?

Just in time for the holiday season, The Macallan released a new expression in its A Night on Earth series. It was so named because it’s a single malt whisky that was crafted to be enjoyed on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, the Superbowl, and every other event that brings family and friends together to enjoy a dram of whisky.

The second release in The Macallan A Night on Earth series is called A Night on Earth – The Journey. A collaboration with Chinese mixed-media artist Nini Sum, it’s encased in a multi-layered pack that shows the various steps on a journey to bring loved ones back together at New Year.

The Macallan
The Macallan

“The collaboration with Nini Sum focuses on the idea of bringing something special back to your family when you return home: the coming together of old friends and family, with reflection on the past year, and hope for the coming one,” Jaume Ferras Global Creative Director said in a press release. “A Night on Earth – The Journey is a remarkable whisky that draws on inspiration from New Year. These complex flavors play an important role in this celebration, and an essential role in the flavor profile of this unique single malt.”

Only available for a limited time, this special winter release is a classic, flavorful single malt that’s matured in a combination of both sherry-season European and American oak barrels as well as Ex-bourbon barrels from the US.

This 86-proof single malt begins with a nose of toasted coconut, candied orange peels, vanilla beans, sticky toffee pudding, and dried fruits. The palate is loaded with candied orange peels, but the citrus doesn’t stop there. There’s also lemon peels and lime zest. Add toasted vanilla beans, caramel, and dried cherries to the equation and you have the makings of a special sipping single malt Scotch whisky. The finish is warm, lingering, and a nice mix of oaky wood and vanilla sweetness.

So, celebrate the holidays this year (especially New Year’s Eve) with a bottle of The Macallan A Night on Earth – The Journey. What better way to ring in the New Year than with a dram of warming, delicious whisky in your hand? Who needs Champagne?

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