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Travel gear gift guide: The best from Samsonite, Apple, and more

Gifts for travelers and digital nomads

Small toy plane on world map in front of Christmas tree and wrapped present
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Are you Christmas shopping for someone in your life who loves to travel? Travel gifts should be practical, portable, and enhance the receiver’s overall travel experience. Whether you are purchasing a gift for a frequent business traveler or for a young adult with a sense of wanderlust, there are many products you simply can’t go wrong with. We’ve put together an incredible list of gifts spanning across many different price ranges. So whether you want to splurge on a fancy present or need a quick stocking stuffer, we’ve got an option for you.

Here are just a few gift ideas for the travel lover in your life.

Briggs & Riley suitcase
Briggs & Riley

Carry-on suitcase

Briggs & Riley Carry-On Spinner

When it comes to travel gear, a high-quality carry-on suitcase is a must. The Briggs & Riley Essential 22-inch Carry-On Spinner is the best of the best. The suitcase is large and spacious; however, it should fit in most overhead bins with no issue. This carry-on bag is built with impact-resistant corner guards, which keeps the spinner looking as good as new no matter how much it gets knocked around. The bag is available in three sleek colors and comes with a TSA-approved lock.

Monos packing cubes

Packing cubes

Monos Compressible Packing Cubes

There’s nothing worse than messy, over-packed luggage. Give your recipient the gift of an organized suitcase with the Monos Compressible Packing Cubes. You can choose from a set of four or six cubes (the set of four fits in a carry-on bag while the set of six fits in checked bags). These packing cubes are incredibly durable and are made of tear-resistant nylon twill. The mesh tops allow you to see what is inside without unpacking everything.

Samsonite Manual Scale

Luggage scale

Samsonite Manual Scale

If you’re searching for a smaller travel gift, then look no further than the Samsonite Manual Scale. There is nothing worse than being forced to open up your suitcase at the counter because your bag is too heavy. With a portable luggage scale, this will never happen again. To weigh your luggage, simply attach the scale to your suitcase and lift it. This particular scale also comes with a built-in tape measure so you can ensure the bag is not oversized.

Twelve South AirFly
Twelve South

Wireless headphone splitter

Twelve South AirFly

No more uncomfortable airplane earphones! AirFly is one of the hottest travel gear items on the market today. AirFly is a wireless adapter that allows you to use your wireless headphones or earbuds in places that only have a headphone jack. All you need to do is plug the small transmitter into the headphone jack and connect your wireless headphones using Bluetooth. The device has over 20 hours of battery, making it perfect for those long travel days.

iPad Air


iPad Air

An iPad Air is one of the best travel gifts around. The portability, versatility, and long battery life make it perfect for people on the go. The compact design ensures that the device won’t weigh down travel bags, and you can easily fit it in a carry-on or large purse. The iPad serves as an e-reader, entertainment hub, and productivity tool. Whether you want to sit back and watch a movie or get a little work done, the iPad is the perfect travel companion.

Uncommon Goods Scratch Map Deluxe
Uncommon Goods

Scratch map

Uncommon Goods Scratch Map Deluxe

A scratch map allows the world traveler to scratch off the places they have been in a fun and innovative way. Uncommon Good’s Scratch Map starts off tan and then turns into a colorful canvas as the different states and countries are scratched off. This travel gift can be used as both decor and an interactive game.

Hyrdo Flask 24 oz Standard Mouth with Flex Straw Cap

Water bottle

Hyrdo Flask 24 oz Standard Mouth with Flex Straw Cap

Staying hydrated while traveling is essential to your well-being, so a great water bottle is a must for any traveler. The HydroFlask 24-ounce Standard Mouth with Flex Straw Cap Bottle is the best on the market. The bottle comes with a convenient handle so you can easily hold it or attach it to your bag. The straw makes the bottle less prone to spills, while the skinny design makes it easy to fit the flask in the airplane’s seatback pockets.

Box labeled 'World Travel Adapter Kit' with different plug adapters on the front.

Plug adapter

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

If your loved one likes to travel out of the country, then they have likely encountered the struggle of needing to purchase new chargers. With the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, they won’t need to purchase another plug ever again! This kit includes a set of seven AC plugs with prongs that fit different electrical outlets around the world. The plugs are each etched with the regions they are compatible with, so the travel lover in your life can easily grab the device they need before their trip.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Go

Travel coffee maker

AeroPress Coffee Maker – Go

No more expensive airport coffee! Every travel enthusiast needs a portable coffee maker, and the AeroPress Coffee Maker – Go is one the best. This affordable travel coffee maker allows you to brew incredible coffee anywhere. The AeroPress – Go brews Americano, espresso, and cold brew-style coffee in quantities of 1 to 3 cups. This kit includes a microwavable mug and lid that doubles as a traveling case for easy transportation.

Apple AirTags

Luggage tracker

Apple AirTag

AirTags are a must for anyone who is constantly in and out of airports. Lost luggage is a thing of the past as long as you have an AirTag in your suitcase. Simply place the AirTag in your bag and then track your suitcase from the Find My app. AirTags come in packs of one or four and can be engraved for no additional cost.

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