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Amanda Teague

Amanda Teague


Amanda, an accomplished freelance writer with four years of experience, is a dedicated explorer of both the world and the written word. Her portfolio spans across a multitude of blogs and online magazines, where she's brought readers on journeys to many different places. Beyond the keyboard, Amanda finds enjoyment in living an active lifestyle, cooking, and reading a good book.

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Small toy plane on world map in front of Christmas tree and wrapped present

Travel gear gift guide: The best from Samsonite, Apple, and more

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the travel lover in your life? Here are a few suggestions.
A flight attendant checking on the inside of a cabin on an airplane.

Travel tips: How to keep from getting sick on a crowded airplane

Traveling this holiday season? Planes will be crowded - here's how to avoid getting sick
Cars stopped on a freeway during a snowstorm.

AAA says these are the worst (and best) times to travel this holiday season

AAA says there will be a record high number of travelers this holiday season. Find out the best and worst days to get on the road.
Photo of travel insurance form along with plane tickets.

How to choose the best travel insurance plan

Allianz travel insurance, AIG travel insurance, and more. Here's how to pick the plan that's right for you.
Hawaiian airlines plane flying at sunset

There’s a hidden benefit to Alaska Airlines buying Hawaiian Airlines, and you’ll love it

Mergers don't always mean great things for consumers, but Alaska Airlines' acquisition of Hawaiian Airlines will have at least one great perk for travelers.
Airplane flying at sunset

American Airlines, United Airlines, and more: Study says these are the most unreliable airlines for holiday travel

Looking to travel this holiday season - or ever? A new study tells you which airlines to avoid
Alaska Airlines plane flying in sky

Airline news: Alaska Airlines plans to buy Hawaiian Airlines, but it’s not a done deal (yet)

Alaska Airlines recently announced its plan to acquire Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion.
Security check sign in airport

TSA bans these popular holiday items, so don’t even try to bring them onto your next flight

Some items are obviously banned from flights, but TSA also bans these popular holiday items.
Cruise ship

Carnival Cruise line issues scam warning for this popular Mexico destination (and passengers from all cruise lines should take note)

Looking for travel tips for your next cruise? A Carnival Cruise exec wants you to know about this ongoing scam.
Plane flying in the sky over mountains

Delta Airlines is cutting flights to L.A. and Phoenix from this major East Coast city

Delta Airlines is cutting flights from LaGuardia Airport (NYC) to Phoenix and Los Angeles. This is what you need to know.
Online flight booking website provide modish reservation system . Travel technology concept .

Flight tips you can’t miss: Booking directly with the airline might help solve issues when flight delays happen

Flight delays are the worst, but booking direct with the airline instead of an online travel site might help you avoid issues
Christmas tree in airport

Travel tips you can’t miss: How to survive a busy airport this holiday season

Looking to travel this holiday season? So is everyone else! Here's how to survive busy airports and cranky staff
luggage cleaning and storage hardshellluggage

Luggage 101: How to clean and store hard shell and soft sided luggage

Whether you have hard shell luggage or soft sided luggage, these are the cleaning and storage tips you need.
cheap airline tickets hacks dont work study airlineticketprices

Want cheap airline tickets? Research says travel hacks don’t really work

There's some travel wisdom everyone knows when it comes to cheap airline tickets‚ but a new study says that wisdom is wrong.