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The ultimate EDC upgrade: Trade in your bifold wallet for these minimalist men’s wallets

Ditch the billfold and simplify your life with these easy to use wallets

Savage Gentleman Gambler's wallet

Your life has been infinitely simplified by technology. Electronic banking has made it easier to purchase goods and services without needing to carry along big stacks of cash in your pocket. The development of smartphones has enabled us to possess pictures of our loved ones everywhere we go, and coupons and gift cards can now be accessed in the form of barcodes on websites and apps. These developments also made the traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallets obsolete, changing the way we accessorize. We no longer needed to carry cash, photos, and gift cards with us. Instead, we simply need to carry an ID and a debit and/or credit card. Luckily for us, the EDC world now features minimalist wallets.

Men’s wallets are now changing with time, and we carry slim and simple wallets that carry 2-5 cards and our driver’s license so that we always have what we need and never have to be burdened with the big wallet problem. Another massive benefit to this style of wallet is that they are designed for the front pocket, making them harder to steal and better for your posture. Do you remember sitting on a massive wallet on one side of your body? Never again. Like all industries, the everyday carry minimalist wallets are all over the place, so we have rounded up our favorites.

Groove Life Wallet on table
Groove Life

Groove Life Groove Wallet

Adventurer Peter Goodwin has always been a fan of wide open spaces, stunning views, rugged terrain, and rugged people. Having spent much of his life in the Alaskan wilderness, he knew he needed gear that was as tough and as easy to use as he could find, or he would suffer in the wild. From that passion, Groove Life was born. From belts and rings to wallets, they provide some of the best gear out there.

The Groove Life wallet has a slim profile with a detachable money clip and RFID-blocking technology. It can hold up to six cards you can access by a simple slide of the thumb, and they fan upwards. You can also elect to get a Groove Wallet Go, a low-profile leather sleeve holding three more cards.

Satchel & Page Card Wallet
Satchel & Page

Satchel & Page Card Wallet

Satchel & Page is built on tradition and inspiration. While they make some of the most modern leather goods on the market today, they built the business around a love for their grandfather’s WWII leather map case. They focus on heirloom quality, so you always know you are going to get the best, whether you are buying a weekender bag for that short-stay vacation or a leather wallet to upgrade your old one.

As close as you can get to the traditional leather bi-fold wallet, this piece of soft leather will take the place of your old wallet and feel better in the pocket the moment you slide it in. There are four pockets, two on either side of the opened wallet, for a capacity that handles up to eight cards. This is about as simple and basic as you can get, but the quality is anything but.

Ridge Wallet in leather valet
Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet

Ridge has jumped into the everyday carry community with the goal of using only the best materials to create products that last a lifetime (and then a few more lifetimes once you hand them down). From air tags and emergency pens to keychains and even watches, Ridge has focused on simplifying your life for years.

The Ridge wallet is built to stand up to whatever you are tough enough to face. It is one of the slimmest wallets on the market and is scratch-resistant to keep it looking great. With the ability to hold up to 12 cards, the Ridge Wallet is a minimalist wallet that allows you to limit what you are wearing without being limited.

Lifetime Leather Co Field Notes Wallet
Lifetime Leather Co

Lifetime Leather Field Notes Wallet

When founder Ty Bowman was left unable to walk for three years following a tragic ziplining accident, he searched for a way to pass the time. In his search, he came up with the question of how he could leave his mark and provide Christmas gifts for his family. He ended up salvaging the leather from an old discarded couch and made wallets, purses, and passport holders. When his family and friends loved his work, he knew he found what he was looking for.

One of their bestselling items is one of our favorite picks in this list simply because it is a different kind of tool for a different kind of man. Bowman didn’t stop at creating something that can hold your cards and cash. Instead, he developed something that carries a pen and a pad of paper. One of the philosophies behind EDC is to always be prepared. While sometimes it may seem antiquated, you should never be without a paper and pen.

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