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Best winter pants for men

The 10 best winter pants for men to shop right now

The best winter pants for men run the gamut from functional running pants to work pants, chinos, and more.

The 10 best tactical watches for men looking for that rugged aesthetic

The best tactical watches were originally meant to be task-specific but luckily, these watches are all about form and function.
how to grow a beard

How to grow a beard the right way and avoid that caveman look

Growing a beard requires the right hair clippers, hair, beard products, and patience. We show you how.
hari mari boots for fall and winter chelsea

These winter boots are the best of the best from Hari Mari this year

Give your feet the warmth and style they deserve as you endure the fall and winter months with these must-have boots from Hari Mari.
the best mens leather coats for men

Style meets comfort: The top 5 men’s fashion trends for winter 2023

The secret to looking stylish as it gets colder? The answer is selecting pieces that are practical, comfortable and will make you feel good.
Man canoeing in a pullover sweater

These casual styles for men will keep you looking cool while staying warm

When the winter weather comes rolling in, there are some casual outfits for men that can keep you looking great while staying warm and dry.
Bearded man grooming facial hair

These grooming trends will keep you looking fresh in 2023

Style goes beyond what you wear and relies heavily on the rest of your body. These trends will keep your hair, beard, and skin looking great in 2023.
Man sitting in a green corduroy jacket.

Check out these 2023 fashion trends and be the most stylish man in your group

Every year brings new resolutions and new possibilities to reinvent yourself. Here are the 2023 fashion trends that will help you reinvent your style.
Man wearing a suit and wearing a Rolex.

You could soon buy a Rolex and write it off as a charitable donation (maybe)

Paddy the Baddy is turning a once-in-a-lifetime gift of a Rolex watch into an opportunity to feed kids and end male suicides.
Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

The top 5 last-minute gifts under $500 you can get today

Many people procrastinate on their Christmas shopping, but that doesn't mean you can't produce the best gifts under the tree with these five ideas.
Duck boots

What are duck boots (and which ones should you buy)?

Duck boots love the wet seasons. But just what are duck boots and when should you wear these odd inventions?
Young handsome man talking on cell phone outdoor, wearing blue V neck T shirt, holding laptop computer, standing against wall on street, looking down, listening.

The case for the fashionable T-shirt: Make a statement with this simple garment

In a world where men are called slobs for wearing T-shirts, here's your guide on how to wear this comfy stable and be the sharpest guy in the room.
style tips for holiday party outfits christmas

Ditch the ugly Christmas sweater: How to dress for a holiday party

Christmas sweaters are a part of the season, but they also are almost impossible to look great. Opt for one of these outfits for your Christmas party.
Family wearing matching family pajamas.

The best family Christmas pajamas for matching holiday cheer

Create lasting holiday memories with the 10 best family Christmas pajamas.
Indiana Jones

Signature style: Channel your inner Indiana Jones for the ultimate rugged look

The Adventurer may be one of the most coveted archetypes for men's style. Here's how you can design your wardrobe to channel Indiana Jones.
Man in a dress shirt and tie.

You might just be wearing the wrong men’s dress shirt for your face shape

A dress shirt is a dress shirt, right? What if we told you that the shape of your face determines which shirt you should wear?
Don Draper

Signature style: How to dress like fashion icon Don Draper

Don Draper taught a generation of men the importance of the first impression. Let these tips start you on the path of the Dapper Signature Style.
Man grooming and trimming his facial hair with a beard trimmer

Upgrade your grooming routine: The best skin and hair products for men

The average man spends just over 150 hours a year in the bathroom grooming, so make sure that time is spent using the best products available.
the best shoe polish brushes brush

The best in men’s sneakers, boots, and shoes for absolutely every occasion

We understand there are a lot of choices when you're looking for a new set of kicks. Here's our list of the best shoe in every men's category in 2022.
The Balenciaga store at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

Brand exodus from Elon Musk’s Twitter begins, but who will be next?

They may be the first, but they are more likely the first domino to fall. Balenciaga, a popular fashion brand, has ditched Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk.
Tim Gunn

Men’s fashion decoded: How to emulate Tim Gunn’s signature style

The Socialite uses his charm and his image to create a magnetism few of us can resist. Here are some tips to help you step up your Socialite charm.
Blank for next editor

Were you recently promoted? How to upgrade your business professional attire

You've worked hard to get the boss to notice you, and you landed the promotion. Here's how to elevate your business professional attire.
Smiling businessman with brown bag walking in city

The 20 best eyeglasses for men to buy this year

If you’re in the market for an accessory that instantly makes you appear smarter and more stylish, look no further than a solid pair of eyeglasses.
Man in glasses

Ditch Your Boring Old Wardrobe: 3 Key Steps to Reinventing Your Style

Don't let your style continue to keep you stuck in yesterday. Here's how to reinvent your style for tomorrow.
Menlo House

We Tried the Menlo Club Subscription So You Don’t Have To

If you're thinking of joining a clothing subscription service, the Menlo Club is one of the best. Here's what you need to know to get started.
A silver watch in a wooden box

We Tried Watch Gang for a Month – Should You?

Watch Gang is a watch subscription service that offers its members great watch styles for great prices. We tried it and were very impressed.
Man with curls

11 Hottest Men’s Curly Hairstyles that Attract Women

If you have wavy hair, these are the best hairstyles to consider. Learn to how to manage the curl and be in style.
Basketball shot

Destined for Greatness: These Active NBA Players Are a Lock for the Hall of Fame

Here's a list of the best of the best. Current NBA players destined for the Hall of Fame.
Man in a leather jacket

How to Care for and Clean a Leather Jacket

Every man needs a great leather jacket in their wardrobe. Here is how to clean a leather jacket so you keep it looking sharp all the time.
A person standing on a hill alone at sunset

How To Adventure Solo: Safely Travel Anywhere by Yourself

Mental and physically preparing for any outdoor activity will allow you to go it alone. Start with small steps to build up your confidence and skill level.
Man carrying a suit in a cleaning bag.

This is When to Take Your Suit in for a Cleaning

Once you shell out cash for a nice suit, you’ll need to think about cleaning, storage, and maintenance. For some tips, we reached out to two experts.
what is stitch fix mens clothing subscription 800x800 featured

Is Stitch Fix Worth it Really? Here’s What We Found

Whether a fashion vet or a novice, Stitch Fix gives men a stylist to expand their wardrobe. The Manual is here to help you decide if it is worth it.