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Everyday carry company The James Brand makes the most dangerous Christmas Tree ornament we’ve ever seen

Everyday carry meets Home Alone, thanks to The James Brand

The Throwflake ornament in the box.
Courtesy of The James Brand

If Home Alone is one of your favorite holiday movies, you can be like Kevin McCallister and defend your house with nothing but a Christmas ornament, thanks to The James Brand. The outdoorsy company usually sticks to everyday carry items like utility knives and carabiners but thought this was the year to branch out into something new. You know, like Christmas ornaments.

If you want your Christmas tree to double as a home security measure, this ornament will be the show’s star. In case the Wet Bandits (or the Sticky Bandits) show up, no one will call you a filthy animal if you have a Throwflake hanging on your tree.

Someone holding up the Throwflake tree ornament.

The starry specs

  • It is made of steel with a coated white finish.
  • It comes with a Santa Claus red cord because, of course.
  • A minimalistic approach that still holds a subtle beauty in its design.
  • It’s not too bad of a price, coming in at $39.

The James Brand went so far as to trademark this dangerously sleek snowflake, so the company means business regarding the ornament’s quality. If you are a bit worried that this is the first time the company is releasing this item, we hear you. But it’s not the first rodeo, just the initial release for the public to be able to get one.

The James Brand has been making a version of the ornament for friends and fellow employees for five years, so while it may seem dangerous to have a ninja star on your Christmas tree, at least you’ll know it’s been tried out a few times before making its way into your home. At under $40, the ornament would make a great white elephant gift or a nice surprise for that person you never know what to get.

A close up of the Throwflake Christmas tree ornament.

Kids, don’t shoot your eye out

First, it was a Red Ryder BB gun, now it’s a Christmas tree ornament you must watch out for. Would anyone think it would be a good idea to have a shuriken star as an ornament? Probably not. But the team at The James Brand is risking it all to see if this item will hit the mark.

The company says the ornament isn’t “knife sharp,” but by the looks of it, we think you could score an orange pretty easily. We would definitely try to see what things it could cut through, and we’re sure those who buy one will give it a go. We’re sure there will be plenty of TikTok videos featuring the ninja star ornament on the way.

The everyday carry company throws out a warning to buyers that it is not to be used as a weapon. But anyone who grew up playing games like Ninja Gaiden will want to see if they have real-life ninja star skills, so watch out for those guys. We know people will take a turn throwing one of these at something in the yard, but you’ve all been told to be careful. We hope everyone comes out of the holidays without being Scrooged by one of these ornaments.

Unlike pretty-looking snowflakes, this wouldn’t feel good if you tried to catch it in your hand. It just goes to show that there is a market for everything, and no idea is too dull. While you watch Christmas Vacation for the millionth time this holiday season, think of someone who would want to give this star a spot on their tree.

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