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Stay warm (and stylish) with the best men’s scarves this winter

Whether it's topping off or defining your outfit, you need a good neck sweater

Man wearing a scarf and beanie
Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

Well, here we are, that time of year when you have to start looking for warmer garments to keep you from freezing on the way to the office or that holiday party coming up. That’s right, you have to get ready to meet your partner’s boss again (try to remember their name this time).

But cold weather isn’t all bad, as holidays bring joy, spirit, time with family, and some of the best cold-weather garments on the market. This includes choosing the best men’s scarves for every occasion. Lucky for you, we have the perfect choices below to go with your casual outfits for the man on the go, the business casual outfits for the after-work parties, and the suits for the more formal parties and occasions.

Man wearing scarf in sunset
Chema Photo / Unsplash

How do you tie a scarf?

There are really only two choices when wearing a scarf. Simply drape it over your neck and leave it open for a more casual look that adds color and elegance to your outfit. Or tie it up to bring it closer to your neck to protect you from the wind and look polished and put together. While there are multiple ways to tie a scarf, the easiest way is to fold it in half, creating a loop at one end. When you wrap it around your neck, secure it by sliding the open ends through the loop and pulling it close to the front of your neck. This look is clean, easy to remember, and will never not be in style.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the best scarves for men.

Man wearing &Sons Trading Sea Green Scarf

&Sons sea green scarf

When it comes to elegant yet rugged men’s clothing, &Sons is one of the top choices you can always count on to bring those masculine options that don’t skimp on class and sophistication. This men’s scarf is no exception, as the hemp material gives the garment a deep texture but still looks as elevated as silk.

Man wearing Weavers of Ireland Merino Wool Scarf
Weavers of Ireland

Weavers of Ireland merino wool scarf

Ireland has a rich history of textile weavers that have shaped the nation throughout time. Weavers of Ireland isn’t married to one brand, but instead, celebrates them all with a collection of some of the best wool, cotton, silk, and linen products on the island. This scarf is one that represents the quality of the work you will find, both in that it will last forever and looks just as good draped over your neck or tied close to protect you from the elements.

Man wearing Alpacas of Montana Scarf
Alpacas of Montana

Alpacas of Montana plaid scarf

The owners of Alpacas of Montana, James and Sarah, have extensive backgrounds in a myriad of industries. As they searched for their purpose, raising alpacas came out of nowhere to become a full-fledged farm and clothing business. Now they provide anything from sweaters and jackets to hats, and well … scarves. If you have never wrapped the buttery soft alpaca cloth around your neck, this is your sign to do it ASAP.

Man wearing Line of Trade Highlands wool scarf
Bespoke Post

Line of Trade Highlands wool scarf

If you are a “stuff guy” then Bespoke Post needs no introduction. If you aren’t, then understand that almost every cool thing you can think of in your buddy’s house has a good chance of being offered by the subscription service if not sent by it directly. The cool thing about it, if you missed the shipment that had the coveted item, you can buy it individually on the site. That includes this fetching scarf that is an extra long 72 inches, making it perfect to tie up however you like.

Green polka dot scarf from Drake's

Drake’s polka-dot wool scarf

Drake’s is still a relatively young brand, but it has made a name for itself in stylish men’s accessories. The lightweight wool scarves are almost as soft as silk and work perfectly with suits and blazers or to dress up your outerwear. This is the perfect way to add a pop of color behind your dark wool overcoats.

Man wearing Bellemere Cashmere Scarf

Bellemere classic sharp print cashmere scarf

Treat yourself to the gift of cashmere with this luxurious, premium scarf in a striking seasonal color. It’s a scarf made to complement your best topcoat and tailoring combo this season. Not to mention, the color easily goes with anything, so don’t worry about matching. Just wrap it on and go.

Man wearing Joshua Ellis Cashmere Scarf

J.Crew cashmere scarf by Joshua Ellis

Sometimes, you want to add a pop of pattern and color to more laid-back looks, like when layering up with a flannel-lined trucker jacket, for instance. This classic scarf in a bright holiday pattern is a nice way to do that all winter long. J.Crew is one of the best at providing stylish staples that last, and this scarf continues that trend.

Burberry plaid scarf.

Burberry big check scarf

When is a scarf worth splurging on? When it’s adorned with the classic check pattern from a legendary company like Burberry. Pair this one with a camel topcoat for the ultimate in luxury every single winter day. If you really want to stand out with it, don’t forget to splurge on red gloves and a red flat cap to really make this scarf pop.

Mack Weldon Tech Cashmere Scarf
Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon tech cashmere scarf

Mack Weldon expertly blends technical savvy with sleek style in this cashmere scarf, updated with modern fabric in a crisp Total Eclipse Blue color. It’s perfect to wear on the go without overheating. If you are living in a place that has great weather with a tiny bit of a cold breeze, wrap this around your neck and leave the coat at home.

NAADAM Ribbed Cashmere

NAADAM signature ribbed cashmere scarf

NAADAM famously makes expertly crafted cashmere sweaters from the finest materials, and this scarf is but the latest in a long line of essentials from the brand. It’s worth the higher price tag, suffice to say. When you invest in the best, you get the best, so don’t be afraid to ensure you and your grandkids will never have cold necks again.

A navy scarf with gray pinstripes.
Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder navy cashmere pinstripe scarf

This navy pinstripe cashmere scarf from Todd Snyder is formal enough to wear with a suit. You can just as easily wear it every day and add a formal touch to your casual wardrobe. The cashmere from Joshua Ellis is second to none, and the pinstripe pattern is unique to scarves. That makes this one of the more fun and fetching looks you will find on the list.

Winter is here, so it’s time to think about how to stay warm. But that doesn’t mean style takes a backseat to warmth and comfort. Above is a list of some of the best ways to keep yourself looking great while also being protected from the elements. Instead of fearing the cold, embrace it with your choice of the best scarves for men on the market.

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