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Get the look: How to get Travis Kelce’s style (without a stylist)

It's more than khakis and flannels, guys

Travis Kelce
Erik Drost / Creative Commons

While Taylor Swift didn’t exactly put Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on the map, she’s helped place his style in the spotlight. Recently, Kelce’s outfits have caught the eye of fashion enthusiasts enjoying his out-of-the-box outfits, which are a substantial departure from the typical styling we see from athletes. Instead of polished suits and sleek black pieces, Kelce rocks washed denim suits and sports the seasonal shawl cardigans that play into his more creative side. And while “Swifties” enjoy getting to know the Super Bowl champion’s style week after week, this isn’t new for Kelce.

A glance at Travis Kelce’s Instagram shows that this athlete is anything but your run-of-the-mill footballer. Besides his insane and established talent on the field, Kelce and his team have mastered the art of styling, whether it’s bold prints or bright colors off the field. Not afraid of making a statement, Kelce is the prime example of how to ditch the typical look of an athlete and have fun experimenting with fashion.

Although many of Kelce’s recent outfits have a designer price, there are two easy tricks to mimic this athlete’s fashion sense on any budget.

  • Combine your everyday pieces with statement items for a budget-friendly styling trick to copy this unique style.
  • Overall, you also want to acquaint yourself with modern trends and find ways to keep informed about the latest crazes. As Kelce mentions in a conversation with People, “I’m a huge online shopper, so I’ll jump online and grab a whole bunch of new stuff that I could throw around the house or in my closet. Yeah, the possibilities are endless.”

Don’t shy away from prints

If there’s one thing we can take away from Travis Kelce’s style, it’s that he is not afraid of a little bit of print. Self-described as an impulse shopper, Kelce has nailed the concept of using prints, patterns, and distinctive designs to create a wow moment. While many high-profile athletes will stick to monochrome looks or sleek, neutral hues, Kelce has been known for going outside the norm and ditching boring blues and grays for stripes and beautifully crafted designs. There’s no forgetting one of his most recent fits, aptly named “1989 Bedroom Painting” Denim Jacket by Kid Super, which was a momentous occasion for fans of Kelce’s style and Swifties alike. 

Although some aren’t particularly fans of Kelce’s wild and bold prints, it’s not lost on him that fashion has an exciting role in affecting someone’s mood. “I’m not going to be offended if somebody says I look like a clown if I got a fun hat on and some wacky jeans,” explained Kelce in an interview with WSJ Magazine. “It is what it is. I’m gonna have fun with it. For the most part, I do it to put a smile on somebody’s face.”

To embody Kelce’s adventurous fashion sense, use bold colors in combination with exciting prints for an unexpected style touch. If you’re easing into the style, use classic patterns like stripes with vibrant hues, such as greens or oranges for a smoother transition. Regardless, there’s no playing it safe when copying this footballer’s style sense. 

Embrace oversized fits

Even if you’ve ignored the many fashion influencers that recently canceled skinny jeans, Travis Kelce is about to convince you of the baggy fit. Not to miss out on a good trend, Kelce has aced the perfectly oversized clothing craze concept. Whether it’s a street-style look or a pre-game outfit, Kelce has carefully curated his appearance to look large yet wearable. Whether just going up a size or opting for naturally oversized pieces, reaching this level of street-style skill isn’t challenging. You also want to ensure you only opt for pieces that won’t drag down your look or make it seem unproportioned. 

Travis Kelce’s stylist, Danielle Salzedo, tells Us Weekly, “He plays a lot with monochromatic sets as well as oversized [looks]. He doesn’t shy away from mixing prints in unexpected ways.” However, even if you opt for an oversized look, you don’t want to go too large and risk looking sloppy. Even with a suit in a larger size, make sure it still has a polished and well-tailored look. 

No matter what oversized garment you choose, ensure it always looks and feels like a perfect fit. Avoid bottoms or tops that sag and bunch up, as this will only make you look messy and unkempt. If you want to stay in the sleek and modern realm, opt for an oversized outfit set that’s cohesive and put together. 

You don’t need an exaggerated oversized fit to copy Kelce’s style either; go up half a size or full on your everyday clothing for a loose and baggy fit without compromising the fit on your back, shoulders, or waist. For a stress-free transition into this style, opt for a basic oversized tee that you can easily layer with a statement jacket, sweater, or cardigan. Pick a hue from your outerwear piece and translate that into a pair of loose-fitting pants or jeans for a cohesive ensemble. Slowly start transitioning these essential pieces into an oversized fit, and you’ll have the perfect wardrobe base to copy Kelce’s wardrobe.

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