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Mondaine brings back its stop2go watch, which is inspired by Swiss railway clocks

The Mondaine stop2go watch returns

Mondaine stop2go watch face

If watches for men were superheroes, the Mondaine stop2go would undoubtedly wear the cape. This timepiece, inspired by the precision of Swiss railway clocks, has made a triumphant return, complete with its signature 2-second pause that’s as intriguing as a plot twist in a classic movie. At the heart of this horological marvel beats a quartz movement, orchestrating a Swiss ballet of timekeeping precision. The stop2go mechanism, akin to a dramatic pause in a gripping conversation, adds a distinctive touch that sets this watch apart from the mundane tick-tock.

Should you find yourself at a Swiss railway station, the platforms unfold a spectacle of expansive timepieces. These clocks boast faces as pristine as freshly fallen snow, adorned with assertive black indicators and a vibrant seconds hand. Crafted in 1944 by the visionary Hans Hilfiker expressly for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), these iconic timekeepers transcend mere functionality. Fast forward to 1986, and Mondaine ingeniously translated this unassuming yet impactful clock design into a wristwatch.

Beyond its iconic aesthetic, the Swiss Railway clock boasts an intriguing technical aspect. The vivid red seconds hand, rather unconventionally, completes a full rotation in 58 seconds before gracefully pausing for 2 seconds upon reaching the 12 o’clock mark. Following this brief interlude, the minute hand swiftly advances to its subsequent position, seamlessly choreographing the seconds hand into its next revolution. This distinctive feature serves a purpose — the 2-second pause facilitates the central Master Clock’s synchronization of all railway clocks across Switzerland every minute. In a harmonious emulation of this captivating routine, Mondaine’s stop2go watches use this same ingenious mechanism. The brand has seamlessly woven this Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic into the fabric of its timekeeping repertoire, ensuring each piece pays homage to the timeless allure of Swiss railway precision.

Mondaine dtop2go watch stainless steel

Aesthetics meets innovation

Crafted from 316L stainless steel, the 41 mm case exudes a subtle masculinity that’s both timeless and contemporary. The screw-on case ensures durability, safeguarding the intricate dance happening within. With a mere 12 mm thickness, it sits comfortably on the wrist, making a statement without shouting.

In the world of Mondaine, even darkness is an ally. The BackLight Super-LumiNova transforms this timepiece into a beacon in the night, ensuring that time doesn’t hide when the lights go down, making it a companion for every moment, day or night.

Mondaine stop2go watch leather

Dive into the technical symphony

Understanding the technical symphony of the stop2go adds another layer to the experience. The STEM stop2Go, orchestrating the dance of time, is complemented by a 24-month life span, ensuring a long-lasting partnership. The security gasket and sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating are like the bodyguards, protecting this masterpiece from the elements.

In a world where sustainability is the new luxury, the stop2go wears its green credentials with pride. It’s assembled with up to 80% power from its own photovoltaic system, making it not just a watch but a nod to a greener future.

For those intrigued by this Mondaine watch, the brand offers the stop2go in two variants: the robust stainless steel version and a more eco-conscious vegan grape leather option. Each tells a unique story, yet both are bound by the same dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. The version with the stainless steel bracelet will set you back $695 while the vegan strap costs $685.

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