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These are the men’s fall fashion trends we absolutely love

Add these trends to your fall rotation in 2023

Man wearing denim coat in the woods
Adam Neumann / Unsplash

The NFL is more than a month into the season, the MLB is deep into the playoffs, and the days are starting to get a little bit shorter. The fall season is upon us, which means that men’s fall fashion trends are about to take center stage as we go from the heat of the summer to the cold of winter. Of course, every season brings with it some trends that will outshine the rest, and this year is no different.

2023 in men’s fashion seems to be all about casual comfort, and the fall months will continue that. Each of these men’s fall fashion trends will make you feel relaxed and ready for whatever adventure the cooler weather holds for you. Everything on this list is appropriate for the outdoors. So if you are a hiking enthusiast, a camper, or anyone else spending the majority of your time in the outdoors, this season’s fashion trends are made for you.

man in shirt jacket
Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

The shirt jacket bridges the gap

One of the hardest things to get used to in the changing seasons is the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. While it will feel borderline freezing in the morning, the sun will come out and bake you in the afternoon. Therefore, you may find yourself needing something that is heavy enough to keep you warm in the morning and light enough to keep you from burning up in the afternoon. The shirt jacket, or shacket, is 2023’s answer. Heavier than a shirt for warmth, lighter than a jacket for comfort.

Our choice: Quicksilver Pickston Jacket

Flannel shirt
Bannon Morrissy / Unsplash

The return of flannel

The next look for the fall will have you feeling like you are ready to grab your axe and head out into the woods to get prepared for the colder months of winter. While you may feel like a lumberjack when you first slide this garment on, the flannel button-up is good for any place in 2023, not just the woods. However, if you happen to have a mountain cabin vacation planned, this shirt is going to fit right in. Flannel is a thicker fabric, so depending on how heavy the shirt is, it may not only be your go-to shirt for the fall, but you may wear it right up until March and make the fall fashion a winter staple.

Our choice: Flag & Anthem Parker Vintage Washed Western Shirt

Southwest pattern shirt on man

The Western progression

A few years ago, we men were treated to the resurgence of the Western look. Thanks to Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser bringing back the modern cowboy look on Yellowstone, we began to enjoy the presence of more Carhartt vests and coats, cowboy boots, and for the truly daring… cowboy hat. In true men’s fashion style, the trend evolved into a more specific Western genre, and the Southwest look is here for duty. Whether your look goes more Aztec or Native American, the Southwest patterns are beginning to pop up everywhere, and they will be the most striking style of the season.

Our choice: Ariat Retro Chimayo

Desert Chukka
Thursday Boots

A timeless classic gets the spotlight

There always seems to be some kind of boot that is ready to make a push for relevance in the fall. While we have seen the rugged boot, the workboot, and the Chelsea boot all make comebacks in recent years, 2023 is about the desert chukka. There are all kinds of chukkas out there, but the tan suede variety is the true hero of the boot world; it is a direct descendant of what the British Army wore in Africa and is specifically made for the toughest environments in the world. If you want to make a splash with your shoes in 2023, the desert chukka is the way to go.

Our choice: Thursday Boots Dune Scout

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