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Why is mushroom coffee suddenly so popular? We’ll tell you

Why mushroom coffee is so popular

Black cup of coffee next to pastry.
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Every coffee lover knows that there’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to look forward to in the morning. Delicious, rich, and addicting — nearly 87% of Americans consider themselves obsessed with coffee. But would you give up your favorite cup of joe for a healthier alternative?

Recently, mushroom coffee has suddenly become popular among health enthusiasts who claim this beverage tastes surprisingly like coffee. So, what’s the hype around mushroom coffee and what is it? We break it down below.

Reishi mushroom on ground
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What is mushroom coffee?

We know it sounds strange, but mushroom coffee doesn’t include chunks of mushroom floating in it (and we’re thankful for that). Mushroom coffee is made from a blend of ground mushroom extracts with medicinal properties combined with ground coffee beans. Mushroom coffee does contain regular coffee beans, but it also has added benefits from the adaptogenic mushrooms mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

A variety of different mushroom species can be used in mushroom coffee, but most commonly you’ll find lion’s mane, reishi, chaga, or turkey’s tail varieties in the best mushroom coffee. These mushroom varieties are dried and ground and then blended into a ground coffee bean mixture you can brew like regular coffee.

Since real coffee is blended into the mushroom extract, you’ll still get the taste of coffee you love when drinking mushroom coffee. But why should you switch?

Top view of a cup of coffee with a spoon
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Why is mushroom coffee so popular?

One of the main reasons to switch to mushroom coffee is to cut down on caffeine intake. Switching to mushroom coffee can allow you to comfortably enjoy coffee without the jitters. This is also a great alternative for people who can’t consume or wish not to consume large amounts of caffeine, such as older people or breastfeeding women. The average cup of mushroom coffee contains about half the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee.

Since consuming too much caffeine can also impair sleep quality, switching to mushroom coffee is helpful for people experiencing sleep difficulties like insomnia. Overconsuming caffeine can also lead to increased stress, causing adrenal fatigue as your adrenals have to work harder and harder.

The benefits of mushroom coffee

In addition to consuming less caffeine, several other mushroom coffee benefits are worth the switch. Mushrooms contain beneficial compounds and antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which can play a role in supporting a healthy immune system and reducing inflammation in the body. Adaptogenic mushrooms also can help improve the stress response and help you to produce less cortisol over time. Reducing your stress levels over time can help you improve your mental health and fight against other chronic diseases, too.

Specific types of medicinal mushroom species may offer their own set of unique benefits as well. For example, studies show that reishi mushrooms may help reduce blood cholesterol levels and play a role in reducing the risk of developing heart disease. If you have a specific health concern in mind, be sure to research which type of adaptogenic mushroom coffee is best for your condition.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee

Popular mushroom coffee brands

Since mushroom coffee has gained so much popularity, new brands are popping up left and right. However, it’s important to choose a trustworthy brand that uses high-quality mushroom extracts and coffee beans. Ryze Mushroom Coffee and Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee are two popular brands that use premium and organic ingredients for a great-tasting cup of mushroom coffee.

Mushroom Coffee comes packaged in an easy pouch with a homemade Acadia spoon for measuring. Using 100% organic ingredients and California-grown mushrooms, this brand is a great place to start if you’re looking for a clean brand of mushroom coffee.  Mushroom Coffee is a great brand for more varieties of coffee, including decaf and cold brew varieties.


Four Stigmatic

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