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Once you’ve made homemade croutons, you’ll kick yourself for ever buying the grocery store version

How to make homemade croutons, a surprisingly simple thing
Matsuhisa Aspen restaurant

These are the very best ski towns for foodies in America

Ski season is here and you should be dining well while you're not on the slopes. Here are the best ski towns for foodies in America.
Ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks

The benefits of cinnamon, and why you should be eating more of it

There are many benefits of cinnamon that include reducing the risk of heart disease and regulating blood sugar.
Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker sitting on a counter with bowls of ice cream.

Ninja Ice Cream Maker price slashed ahead of Black Friday

Walmart has a rare discount on the Ninja Ice Cream Maker making this the perfect time to create some delicious ice cream for less.
Honey jar

Why you should stock up on honey, sugar, salt, and white rice

Most pantry ingredients are cheaper in bulk, so you should stock up on white rice, salt, honey, and sugar.
Air-popped popcorn in a bowl

Got the munchies? Good healthy snacks don’t have to be boring

You don't have to give up tasty snacks just because you're trying to eat healthy. Check out some of our favorite healthier snacks.
Barrell Craft Spirits

Barrell Craft Spirits debuts first 100-proof bourbon, designed to be an accessible, ‘all-occasion’ whiskey

While Barrell Craft typically sells cask-strength bourbon, its newer offering has a much lower ABV.

How to lose belly fat: Eating these 10 foods more often will help a lot

Have stubborn belly fat? This is how to lose belly fat with a few tweaks to your diet.
Professional chef cooking in the kitchen restaurant at the hotel, preparing dinner. A cook in an apron makes a salad of vegetables and pizza

A new study says restaurants have gotten more disgusting since the pandemic because of food safety

We all re-learned proper handwashing techniques during the pandemic, but a new study says restaurants need to freshen up on their food safety precautions.

10 single malt scotch bottles: The rested and sherry-matured version

Here are the best sherry-finished and matured single malt Scotch whiskies you can buy.
Chicken noodle soup

Our chicken noodle soup recipe has 2 cheat-code techniques that cut cooking time in half

Our chicken noodle soup recipe comes together in minutes, and is just as good as ones that linger on the stove all day
The Insignia NS-BK1TSS6 kegerator with a keg and other canned beverages inside.

Bring the bar home: This top-rated home kegerator is $120 off

The Insignia NS-BK1TSS6 kegerator, with a capacity of 5.6 cubic feet and an adjustable thermostat, is on sale from Best Buy for a discounted price of $450.
A blue Keurig K-Classic Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker placed on a kitchen countertop with plants nearby.

Early Black Friday Deals: Keurig coffee makers under $100

You can get a Keurig coffee maker for $100 or below from this year's early Black Friday sales, but you need to hurry because the discounts may end very soon.
Eagle Rare 25

Buffalo Trace releases its oldest Eagle Rare bourbon yet

Do you like Buffalo Trace bourbon? Eagle Rare just released its oldest bourbon ever.
WARSAW, POLAND - SEPTEMBER 16, 2022: Woman with McDonald's burger at table in cafe, closeup

Costco sells a semi-secret McDonald’s ingredient that will make your next burger stand out

Want to get that familiar, nostalgic McDonald's flavor without actually going to McDonald's? Costco can help
Whiskey in a glass on a wooden table

Know your liquor: All the bourbon terms you’ve never understood, finally explained

Learning about bourbon can be confusing, especially if you're not familiar with the lingo. This is what you need to know.
Containers of different gummy candy

Ultra-processed foods are seriously unhealthy (and these are the items hiding in your pantry you didn’t realize you should avoid)

Want to build a healthy diet? Ditch these ultra-processed foods.
A Chilcano cocktail.

How to make a Chilcano, Peru’s buzzy pisco cocktail we can’t get enough of

How to make a Chilcano, a great drink that leans hard into Pisco.
Pouring coconut aminos in clear glass bowl

The benefits of coconut aminos, the soy-free alternative to soy sauce

The real benefits of coconut aminos — a better soy sauce, too?
Hands sharpening a knife using a whetstone beside a bowl of water on a wooden table

Cooking tips: Learn the best way to sharpen a knife (and why it’s so important)

Knives are only useful if they're sharp. Take the time to master the art of blade sharpening with our guide on the best ways to sharpen a knife.
A ripe avocado on a wooden cutting board.

How to pick the ripest avocado at the store, every time

Not sure how to tell if an avocado is ripe? This trick will help you choose the best ones at the store.
Image of quality food

These are the best restaurants in America right now

The American dining scene is a fertile and expansive banquet that you should fully embrace. Here are the 25 best restaurants within it.
variety of Korean liquors

How to pair soju and beef: Master Sommelier Kyungmoon Kim of Wangbi gives us his top tips

Soju and beef are a match made in heaven. Master sommelier Kyungmoon Kim of NYC's Wangbi tell us how to pair soju and beef.
Poached egg with green asparagus and caviar.

Video: This ‘new’ way to make poached eggs might be the best (and simplest) ever

This sophisticated method of cooking is steaming the egg to elicit a subtle, almost perfect delicacy — cooked, almost crispy white surrounded by a runny yolk.
A woman sitting and drinking a warm beverage by a green tent.

Aeropress, VSSL, Frazy, and more: How to make great coffee while camping

Aeropress, VSSL, Frazy, and some of our favorite go-to options for making the best coffee possible while you camp.
A pour of nocino, a walnut liqueur

Bartenders explain the merits of nocino, the tasty liqueur you need in your life

It's nocino season, which means it's time to celebrate the Italian walnut-based liqueur. Here's how to enjoy the stuff properly.
Stouts on a wall

Everything you ever wanted to know about bourbon barrel-aged stout beer

What is a barrel-aged stout? This is everything you've ever wanted to know.
Mijenta Tequila

This tequila from the highlands of Jalisco is the first certified b-corp tequila ever

Looking for tequila done right? This brand is the first certified b-corp tequila on earth
Male chef grilling and barbequing in garden. Barbecue outdoor garden party. Handsome man preparing barbecue meat. Concept of eating and cooking outdoor during summer time

Should you build an outdoor kitchen? These are the pros and cons that will help you decide

We weigh the pros and cons of having an outdoor kitchen to help you make a decision.
The Macallan Colour Collection

The Macallan Colour Collection is a traveling scotch collector’s dream come true

Macallan's new Colour Collection includes five single-malt Scotch whiskies.
Two ice-cold glasses of gin with blood orange garnish with cocktail sticks on a table.

The Finnish long drink is the best gin cocktail you’ve probably never heard of

The Finnish Long Drink is a 70-year-old Scandinavian gin-based beverage that's refreshing and easy to make at home.
Man using Rumble Jar

This simple device makes some of the best cold brew ever, and it’s only $20

You love cold brew coffee but not the hit your wallet takes every morning. Make it at home with this great device.
Butter in a bowl

Some insanely clever cooking hacks you need to start using

These are a few of our absolute favorite food hacks, tried and tested, that will save you time and stress, and maybe earn you a few extra compliments.
The Cuisinart 9-Piece Cookware Set scatters around a kitchen.

Snag this Cuisinart 9-Piece Cookware Set for $100 (was $380)

Best Buy's deal of the day is perfect for cooking fans with a Cuisinart 9-piece cookware set down to only $100 for today only.
Hot chocolate served in vintage mugs with marshmallows

This marshmallow recipe is so simple (and homemade marshmallows are so much better than store-bought)

This sweet treat season, learn how to make homemade marshmallows and impress everyone you know with this gift of pure sweetness.
Sazerac classic whiskey cocktail

The classic whiskey cocktails you need in your bartending repertoire

The ability to produce a delicious whiskey cocktail is still an accomplishment to be proud of (and show off, when you can). Check out these classic cocktails.
Andrew Zimmern cooking over fire.

Chef Andrew Zimmern teaches us all about wild game cooking

Andrew Zimmern, well-known TV personality and chef, teaches us about wild game cooking.
Spaghetti squash in a pile

Spaghetti squash: Your new favorite low-carb fall vegetable swap

Spaghetti squash is something many pass by at the grocery store, but we've got a ton of reasons you should pick one up next time.
Omaha Steaks butcher's cut filet mignon closeup sliced on a plate.

A huge early Omaha Steaks Black Friday sale just started (50% off)

Right now, the early Omaha Steaks Black Friday sale is your best bet to get delicious cutlets and bundles of meat for incredibly affordable prices.
A close-up of granola bars on wooden board.

You’re being duped: The ‘healthy’ food items that are actually terrible for you

We have no issue with the occasional fatty food. What we do have an issue with are the foods trying to masquerade as health foods. These are some examples.
Pieces of dark chocolate bars

Stay fit this Halloween: An RD tells us which treats will help you avoid the dreaded holiday-season weight gain

Halloween treats don't have to be delicious, diet-ruining candies! An RD tells us which treats you should (and shouldn't) eat during Hallowwen
Serving egg bites garnished with fresh chives on a white plate.

An easy egg bites recipe to rule them all: How to make your own Starbucks egg bites

Do you love Starbucks egg bites? Our egg bites recipe is better, faster, and you don't have to leave home!
Top view of a cup of coffee with a spoon

The type of coffee cup you drink from actually matters

New research suggests the type of coffee cup you use can impact its flavor and aroma. Learn more about this connection and how to choose the right mug.
Fast food

The 5 worst foods for bodybuilding, according to a doctor

If you're looking to bulk up, check out these tips to learn more about how alcohol, high-sodium foods, and other foods could hinder muscle growth.
Ackee and saltfish, the national dish of Jamaica.

Beyond jerk chicken: A guide to Jamaican food

Jamaican cuisine is way more than jerk chicken. Here, we plunge into some of the island nation's other signature dishes.
Baked roasted hasselback chicken stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach

Chicken dinner ideas: Hasselback chicken takes 30 minutes, and it’s incredibly tasty

Need chicken dinner ideas you can rely on any night? Try Hasselback chicken! It takes 30 minutes to prepare, and is incredibly tasty.
The Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland has one of the largest selections of rare whiskeys in the nation.

The most beautiful bars in the U.S. (for those extra Instagram-worthy drink photos)

The most beautiful bars offer an unmatched aesthetic. From Los Angeles to NYC, here are the most beautiful bars in America.
Beer tap

Halloween-themed beer: Trust us, you need these 8 beers in your life

Halloween-themed beer might not be something you've thought about, but these 8 beers are incredible.
White wine in glass swirling

What a wine’s alcohol content can tell you about how it will taste

Wine labels don't always have a ton of information, but your wine's alcohol content can tell you a lot.
Bacon frying

This is the easiest way to purify bacon grease, which you should be saving for all kinds of cooking projects

Learn how to get all of the gross bits out of bacon fat with this easy hack.