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martini and frites and caviar

Expert bartender gives us a great martini recipe, and a chef suggests pairing it with French fries (yes, really)

A famed bartender gives us her best martini recipe
Pad thai

This pad thai recipe isn’t authentic, but it’s so good and insanely simple to put together you won’t even care

Our pad thai recipe isn't authentic, and that's OK! It comes together in a snap, and it's a flavor bomb you'll keep making.
Cigar City Brewing Good Gourd Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin beer is everyone’s fall obsession, but these ales actually taste good

The Manual's roundup of the best pumpkin beers of 2023 includes wild ales, imperial porters, and other pie-inspired concoctions from top craft breweries.

This screwdriver drink recipe is simple, elegant, and downright delicious

Looking for an incredible (and simple) screwdriver recipe? Look no further - ours is incredible
Absinthe in glass next to a bottle with a black background

Absinthe is mysterious and luscious – an expert tells us which bottles you should buy

Absinthe is mysterious and luscious — an expert tells us which bottles you should buy and add to your liquor cabinet.
An oyster mushroom still growing in the ground.

Your complete guide to the under-appreciated (but amazing) oyster mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are massively under-appreciated in the cuisine world, and it's time to turn that around. Let's take a deeper look into this delicious fungus.
Instant ramen noodles packet better

Ramen noodles can be so much more than just a 2 a.m. drunken mistake

With just a few extra steps, instant ramen noodles can transform into a delicious, restaurant-quality dish. This is how to do it.
Grated cheese

Why you should never buy shredded cheese at the store

Shredded cheese may be convenient, but there are a lot of reasons to cross it off your grocery list.
Scrambled eggs

There are 5 ways to make the best scrambled eggs: Learn how to master them all

There are many paths that will lead to a scrambled egg, some less traditional than others. The methods we'll discuss are the tastiest, creamiest, best methods.

The golden wonder of flax: How to eat flaxseed for health and vitality

There are different types of ways you can enjoy the benefits of flaxseed. Find the way that suits your tastes with this guide on how to consume flaxseed.

This empanadas recipe is actually the perfect ‘second meal’ for leftover pot roast

Our empanadas recipe comes together quickly - because it uses leftover pot roast instead of doing it all from scratch!

Is erythritol harmful? What a dietitian says recent data means for your keto diet

We asked Dan LeMoine, RD, and Clinical Director at Phoenix-based Re:vitalize Nutrition about erythritol, including its benefits and potential health risks.
Man with bloated tummy.

Wondering how to get rid of bloating? The best foods to beat belly bloat

Try these tasty and nutritious suggestions for how to get rid of bloating and get your gut health back in order.
Ribs cooking in the oven

How to cook ribs in the oven: A step-by-step guide

Can you cook ribs in the oven? Yes, you can. But wait, do ribs taste good when cooked in the oven? They sure do. Learn how with this guide.
Hard apple cider in a glass, surrounded by apples.

How to make hard cider (it’s not as complicated as you think)

Learning how to make hard apple cider and actually making it is a fairly straightforward process. So, here's a quick and easy guide to doing it at home.
Corralejo Tequila Tropical being mixed with.

5 incredible tequila recipes you’ve definitely never heard of

Tequila can be used in so much more than just classic cocktails and these recipes are proof.
Plated steak dish

Our chimichurri recipe takes seconds to make, lasts for weeks in the fridge, and is great with everything

Our chimichurri recipe might change the way you eat. Seriously, it's that good - and incredibly simple
climate change causing olive oil price increase pexels mareefe 1022385

Climate change has caused olive oil prices to skyrocket, and there’s no end in sight

Climate change and olive oil; you may not think these two things are related, but they are, and it's causing massive problems
Kung Pao Chicken

These 5 slow cooker recipes will keep you cozy all fall

Fall is the perfect time for breaking out the slow cooker, and these 5 slow cooker recipes might just keep it on your countertop all year long
old fashioned recipe with foraged items tincup spring 8

Foraging gets tipsy: How to make an old fashioned and 5 more cocktails with easily foraged items

Want to make an old fashioned in what may be the most old fashioned way ever? Try foraging for your ingredients!
A slice of quiche on a white plate

This is the only quiche recipe you’ll ever need

Looking for a great quiche recipe? Look no further — we've got one of the best around, and it's incredibly simple and wonderfully tasty.
Mookie Betts playing baseball

MLB star Mookie Betts travels with his own portable kitchen so he can eat healthy no matter where he goes

MLB star Mookie Betts travels with a portable kitchen so he can eat right anywhere he goes
Gluten free cereals corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, pasta and flour with scratched text gluten on brown wooden background,overhead horizontal view

The pros and cons of a gluten-free diet, according to an expert

The gluten-free diet is trendy, but is it good for you? An RD weighs in.

Coca-Cola used A.I. to create its next big drink because that’s ‘what the future tastes like’

Coca-Cola, long famous for its century-old recipe, is utilizing A.I. to create its next big drink
A top-shelf tequila

The best top-shelf tequilas between $50-$100

When you want to up your agave game past cheap margaritas, check out this list of the best top-shelf tequilas between $50-$100.
Salmon entree

The Mediterranean diet: Everything you need to know about everyone’s favorite diet

Are you looking for a new diet to follow in 2023? Try the Mediterranean diet to enjoy its many benefits!
Pint of beer

Take a break from pumpkin beer: The best Oktoberfest beers to drink this fall

Pumpkin beer may get all the hype in the fall season, but these Oktoberfest beers should be on your list to try.
Mixed berries

Berries going bad too fast? Try this amazing viral TikTok hack that actually works

Learn how to keep berries fresh for up to 10 days with this viral TikTok hack. Wash, store, and enjoy your berries for longer and say goodbye to spoiled fruit!
Campfire whisky

10 smoky scotch whisky options to make those fall campfires magical

Scotch whisky can be a lot to handle, but these smoky scotch whisky options go down smooth as silk.
Apple cider donuts with sugar

Apple cider donuts are a fall tradition – this is the only recipe you need

Apple cider donuts are a must for autumn days, and it's about time you learn to make these spicy little love cakes.
Prairie Artisan Ales Brewery

The best breweries in America: The ultimate bucket list if you love craft beer

There are thousands of breweries in America but our shortlist of 20 includes those that not only make great beer, but offer something unique as well.
Glass mug with spiked apple cider

7 of the best spirits for spiked apple cider

Make these spiked apple cider drinks with one or more of these favorite spirits.
HAVA R01 countertop dishwasher

Review: The HAVA R01 Compact Countertop Dishwasher might be the game-changer your home needs

Think your bar doesn't need a small dishwasher? Our review might change your mind
Cup of coffee with beans on table

Feeling rushed in the mornings? This is the best way to get great coffee

Tired of dropping by Starbucks every morning? We don't blame you. Frazy helps you get great coffee in the morning without making that extra stop.
Whiskey glass

Whiskey upgrade: How to fat wash your favorite whiskey or bourbon to add new depths of flavor

Ever heard of fat-washing? It's a great way to add interesting flavors to any whiskey or bourbon
melted dark chocolate flow, candy or chocolate preparation background

Forget Hershey’s: Our chocolate sauce recipe is better, and takes 5 minutes to make

You don't need to buy chocolate sauce! Our recipe is insanely simple and comes together in a snap
Austin, Texas USA - January 27, 2020: Selection of donuts on display in a colorful case at Voodoo Doughnuts in a popular specialty doughnut chain shop

Portland’s VooDoo Doughnut voted most overrated tourist attraction in the world (and we know why)

Headed to Portland, Oregon? Avoid VooDoo Doughnuts, which has been voted the biggest tourist trap.
an acv shot on table

Apple cider vinegar: Should you really be taking shots of this pungent potion?

Apple cider vinegar is one of those things people swear by - but should you really be drinking it? We discuss
Costco storefront

Costco Kirkland products are actually items made by Duracell, Keurig, Reynolds, Starbucks, and other big names

Did you know Costco has a really popular house brand? It's true - and one of the reasons why is the products are incredible. Now we know who makes them.
All-clad set

This secret All-Clad site has massive savings on the best kitchen equipment on earth

All Clad is the best kitchen equipment you can get - but it's a bit pricey. A secret site offers deep discounts.
Tecate skirt steak tacos

When it comes to international barbecue, Mexican BBQ reigns supreme

The richness of Mexican cuisine is unparalleled. Keep reading to learn more about it.
Cantera Negra

Kick off Hispanic heritage month with these 2 incredible tequila drink recipes from mixologist Javier Ramirez

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15, but these two tequila drink recipes are sensational all year long
Closeup view of man with slim body in oversized jeans on grey background. Weight loss.

This weight loss chart may be the secret key to a slimmer physique

Weight loss is tough for everyone, but this chart might help you eat better and avoid putting the weight back on
Cold brew ice coffee

How to make cold brew coffee (plus, our 3 favorite grounds for cold brew)

If you're unaware, real cold brew is made using an entirely different method than hot coffee, and the result is a much smoother and flavorful cup.
Pot roast beef

Cool days, warm grill: 4 tasty fall grill recipes to try this year

Grilling season doesn't have to end on Labor Day. Keep the pit going with these four great fall grilling recipes.
White wine

The fantastic fall wine trends to know before the season sets in, according to the experts

Wine trends change fast so it pays to stay ahead of the curve. Here's what to look for this fall, according to the experts.
Apples on an apple tree

How many apples should you really eat? RDs reveal all (plus, their best snack ideas)

Apples are a delicious fall fruit, but what are their health benefits? RDs weigh in.
Granny Smith apples in a bowl on a table.

Fall dessert recipes: Apple bread pudding and more (apples)

Here are a few the best fall dessert recipes you need to make now.
Three coffee cups at a coffee shop

Light roast vs. dark roast coffee: Which is better?

If you're looking for a caffeine fix, learn the differences between light roast and dark roast coffees.
Anto beef selection

NYC restaurant offers an inside look at the exclusive world of high-end Korean BBQ

While incredibly varied, few restaurants showcase the fine-dining potential of Korean BBQ. At Anto Korean Steakhouse, Chef Luke Yoon changes that dynamic.