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Fiber in beans

Load up on high-fiber foods: Your guide to getting enough fiber in your diet

Discover which of your favorite foods are rich in fiber and will help you meet your daily fiber goal. Also, discover fiber's many benefits.

Rum 101: An enthusiast’s guide to understanding the different types of rum

Our guide helps you understand the nuances of rum production, so you yourself can discover which types of rum you'll enjoy the most.
Gimlet cocktail in a coupe glass

Up your cocktail game: How to make the perfect gin gimlet

Looking for an elegant, easy gin gimlet recipe? We've got one of the best.
Pickled onions

The easiest and best pickled red onion recipe we’ve ever seen belongs to Rick Bayless

Want a great pickled red onion recipe? This one is so simple it almost hurts
A pair of mocktails.

The 6 best non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar, according to the pros

Looking for a fun night out without the next-day hangover? Drinks pros tell us their favorite non alcoholic drinks to order at the bar
A person in the kitchen preparing the food to cook.

Are meal kit delivery services worth it?

There are a ton of meal kit delivery services to choose from. But is subscribing worth it? Here's our take.
Rye whiskey

10 rye whiskey bottles we love: You should have at least one on your bar shelf

Rye whiskey is complex and wonderful, and these are the bottles you should have on your bar shelf.
Florio Marsala barrels.

The 6 best Marsala wine cocktail recipes to make

Marsala is a fortified wine out of Italy that we normally just cook with. But with the good stuff especially, it can make for some quality cocktails.
A glass of gin

10 floral gin options to help make what’s left of summer truly epic

Gin is a liquor with a lot of nuance and subtlety. Most people overlook how complex gin can be, and these floral gin options prove a point.
Red-headed ax buried into a tree stump next to a blue coffee mug in the outdoors.

Backcountry brew: How to make cowboy coffee that doesn’t suck

When made right, cowboy coffee tastes just as good as any drip- or pour-over-style coffee you make at home. Here’s how.

How to reheat tamales: Learn the secret to every method

Learn how to reheat tamales six ways and retain the flavor. Use these tips for perfect tamales in a steamer, microwave, stove, oven, air fryer, or Instant Pot.
Sliced raw sweet potato.

10 benefits of sweet potatoes that prove you should eat more of them

Sweet potatoes are as good for you as they are delicious. Read on to find out why you should add more sweet potato recipes to your meal plan.

What are capers, anyway? Learn all about the briny ingredient that will transform your favorite dishes

While you may only know them as the star of your favorite chicken piccata recipe, capers are actually so much more than an absentminded garnish.
A glass of passion fruit cocktail with garnish in a bar.

The 7 best passion fruit cocktails to remind us of the sun and fun

Passion fruit is evocative stuff, reminiscent of sun and fun. Bring that to your refreshments with the best passion fruit cocktail recipes.
wood-fire pizza on board

Elevate your pizza night: A mixology expert reveals how to choose the right cocktail pairings

Instead of wine and beer, try pairing pizza with an amazing cocktail. From the classic Negroni to spicy mezcal, cocktail expert Jason Hedges breaks it down.
pumpkin soup on white napkin

5 gut-friendly ways to get your pumpkin fix this fall, according to RDs

Pumpkin is a fan-favorite fall food, but is it good for gut health? Two registered dietitians reveal all.
Ninja Woodfire 8-in-1 Outdoor Oven with Pizza in oven against a white background and accessories

Ninja makes an outdoor pizza oven, and it’s on sale for Labor Day

If you're a fan of making Pizzas or cooking stuff in an oven, the Ninja outdoor oven can hit 700°F, stay outside all year round, and is going for just $350.
Carrot cole slaw

5 creative spins on coleslaw for your next cookout

Plenty of vegetables and fruits can supplement a cabbage coleslaw base, and the typical mayonnaise-laden formula isn’t the only way to make coleslaw.
Kitchenaid Mixer.

KitchenAid’s iconic stand mixer is 15% off for Labor Day

All kitchens deserve one of the best stand mixers and right now, you can buy an iconic KitchenAid stand mixer for 15% off at Amazon.
Foods with prebiotics like chicory, beets, and leeks.

11 of the best prebiotic foods you should be eating

Prebiotics help support your overall gut health and optimize digestion. Here's a list of the best prebiotic foods to eat right now.
Bartender making alcoholic cocktail in red color, metal jigger and bar environment

This $25 book can make you a more creative, expert home bartender (really!)

There's one book that unlocks the secrets of home mixology and bartending, and this is it
Empty sriacha bottle

The sriracha shortage is real – but making your own sriracha is so easy you might not even care

You might not be able to find sriracha sauce, but our sriracha sauce recipe is better than store-bought any day
The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill and Smoker on a patio table with plates of food.

Ninja’s Woodfire outdoor grill and smoker price slashed for Labor Day

If you want to grab a great grill, the Ninja outdoor griller & smoker has electricity and woodchips and costs just $330.
THe Blackstone 36-inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station in a yard with people around it cooking and enjoying themselves.

Best Labor Day grill deals: Save on Traeger, Blackstone, and more

We've got all the best Labor Day grill deals right now, whether you're looking for something super cheap or something high-end.
Oscar Mayer hot dog straw

Unfortunately, the viral hot dog straw is now a real thing

Remember the hot dog straw? Well, you can now buy one for yourself. RIP tasteful summer cookouts.
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

Did you know Costco has a secret online store named Costco Next? It's true! Here's how to access it
Summer Sunset

14 refreshing Labor Day cocktail recipes for your backyard BBQ

It’s almost Labor Day and for many, that means one last chance to have a party. Here are the best cocktails to toast to this special time of year.
Whisky, whiskey, bourbon or cognac with ice cudes on black stone table and wood background

How to drink bourbon like a pro: A beginner’s guide

Tasting bourbon (and all whiskeys) is done in steps. It’s more than just drinking and thinking.
Coors Light Chill Throne

Coors Light ‘Chill Throne’ is the silliest tailgating chair ever – and it’s $750

Coors Light has made the "Chill Throne," a limited-edition tailgating chair it plans to sell for $750
Cans of RisEau cbd drinks.

The 9 best CBD drinks we tried in 2023

From tasty fruit flavors to drinks that help to de-stress and mellow out, these are our favorite CBD-infused drinks.
Spit roast lamb.

How to spit roast lamb in 5 easy steps

One of the best ways to prepare meat is over an open fire. Learn how to spit roast a whole lamb with our guide. You'll be king of the open flame in no time.
St. Anselm

10 NYC steakhouses that are better than Peter Luger

NYC has a lot of great steakhouses beyond big names like Peter Luger. Here are 10 of the very best to dine at.

Is the OMAD diet safe? Here’s what an expert says

Intermittent fasting diets are thought to be healthy for some people, but what about the OMAD (One Meal a Day) diet? Here's our investigation.
A profile of the Smashburger chef Ty Goerke

Chef reveals how to make a Smashburger taco, the tasty heir to the viral food throne

The Smashburger has given way to the Smashburger taco, a tasty hybrid and offshoot. Here's how to make one.
A man using the Blackstone 36-inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station in a yard.

This is the excuse you’ve been waiting for to buy a Blackstone

Get a great gas grill cooking station for your yard for less with this awesome deal at Amazon right now.

11 single malt whiskies that aren’t Scotch (but are still great)

Even though they're most often thought of, Scotland isn't the only place to make single malt whiskies. Here are seven from other places around the world.
Villa Donoratico

Argentiera’s newest wine vintage promises ‘balance and intensity’ from short-season harvest

This wine is a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, and Petit Verdot, and its rich and sophisticated notes can be attributed to climate change?
sherry fortified wine glass

A beginner’s guide to sherry wine, an incredibly misunderstood drink

To fortified wine’s discredit, we can’t seem to divorce it from Grandma’s cabinet. But it’s high time that we do.
A glass and a bottle of Buffalo Trace.

Drink up with some of the most popular whiskey brands in the U.S.

These are some of the most popular whiskey brands in the U.S. and whiskey makers continue to pop up everywhere, so who's making the good stuff?
Bloody mary cocktail lime

How to make a kimchi bloody mary, the best a.m. drink

There are a lot of bloody mary riffs out there. The best one just may be a recipe involving kimchi.
Campbell's soup

Campbell’s newest tomato sauce recipe actually comes from the most exclusive restaurant in the U.S.

Soup mega giant, Campbell, has just paid a cool 2.7 billion to own Rao's delicious jarred sauce.
Ocean Fathoms bottles

A California wine company illegally aged wine in the ocean, and now 2,000 bottles have been destroyed

It all started when a California-based wine company called Ocean Fathoms decided that the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel were a good place to age its wine.
Fresh Watercress bundle

The CDC just released its list of top superfoods, and we bet you’re not eating most of them

These are the absolute top 5 superfoods, according to the CDC.
Trader Joe's sign

Trader Joe’s is flat-out refusing to add this crowd-favorite service all major grocery stores have

Want to avoid the checkout lines at Trader Joe's? It won't happen any time soon, says company leadership
Kirkland Signature Vodka

Costco is refunding people on Kirkland vodka because a few batches are pretty terrible

People who bought Kirkland vodka may be eligible for a refund directly from Costco
Balvanera restaurant food

The ultimate guide to Argentinian barbecue, according to an expert

Learn all about making perfect Argentinian grilled meats, one of the most delicious barbecue styles in the world and the side dishes to go with it.

The best foods for prostate health (and what to avoid)

Eat these nutritious, tasty foods to take care of your prostate health and help delay or prevent prostate issues.
Hands toasting with red wine

These 5 incredible Napa Valley wines are worth the splurge

In every single way, Napa Valley and its treasured wines live up to even the highest expectations at which they're held. These are some of our favorites.
Salt and Straw Ice Cream

The best homemade ice cream recipe we’ve ever tried is the Salt and Straw ice cream base

Salt and Straw ice cream is incredible, and its base is the best homemade ice cream recipe we've ever made
Fabuletta gooseneck electric kettle on a table.

Tea drinker? This temperature-controlled kettle is 20% off

If you're a tea or coffee drinker you don't want to miss this Fabuletta Gooseneck electric kettle deal at Amazon. Live right now but not for long.