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This bundle deal saves you 20% on 10 DeWalt cordless power tools

Everything included with the DeWalt 10-Tool Combo Kit laid out against a white background.

There’s some massive savings available at Amazon today if you’re looking to add some DeWalt cordless power tools to your garage or workspace. In fact, this is probably one of the better power tool deals you’ll come across, as it bundles 10 DeWalt power tools into a $549 price. Included are two bags, two drill drivers, and a circular saw, in addition to some handy side tools. The DeWalt 10-Tool Combo Kit regularly costs $687, which makes this deal worth $138 in savings. Free shipping is included and Amazon is guaranteeing pre-Christmas arrival.

Why you should buy the DeWalt 10-Tool Combo Kit

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or trying to find some gifts for the dad who wants nothing for the holidays, power tools are a great place to start the search. DeWalt is one of the most recognizable names in power tools, and its distinguishable black and yellow branding can make a nice addition to any cabinet or toolbox. The DeWalt 10-Tool combo Kit is a great gift option for somebody looking for their first set of power tools, or for anyone who just wants to add a lot of power tools to their arsenal. Included in the kit are two different drill drivers, a compact blower, an oscillating multi-tool, a circular saw, a Bluetooth speaker, a reciprocating saw, and a grinder.

All of these power tools are part of DeWalt’s 20-volt Max lineup, which offers more than 200 total products that can be added to the collection at any point in the future. Standouts from this kit are likely to be the half-inch compact drill driver, which has a lightweight design with high performance, as well as the circular saw, which features a powerful 5150 RPM motor that delivers power and speed to make the most demanding cuts with ease. The DeWalt Bluetooth speaker is likely to be a hit as well, as it allows you to play wireless music in your garage, workshop, or work site while getting the job done.

The DeWalt 10-Tool Combo Kit is currently marked down to $549 at Amazon. This is a savings of $138 from its regular price of $687. Free shipping is included, and if you act soon Amazon will guarantee delivery before Christmas.

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