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This Callaway laser rangefinder with slope measurement is 43% off

A man looking through the Callaway 300 Pro laser rangefinder.

Every great golfer knows you need to set out with the best tools you can fit in your bag, and not only will a golf rangefinder make all the difference in your game, but right now it can make a big difference in your wallet. The Callaway 300 Pro laser rangefinder is seeing a massive discount at Amazon. It would regularly set you back $300, but with this deal it’s just $170. This makes for $130 in savings, and Amazon is including free shipping with your purchase.

Why you should buy the Callaway 300 Pro laser rangefinder

Let’s say you’ve already done the work of getting in golf shape and you’re looking to get your bag there as well. A laser rangefinder is just the right tool to add to a side pocket, as it can go a long way toward getting you closer to the pin on your approach. The Callaway 300 Pro laser rangefinder offers 6x magnification and a range of 5-1,000 yards. Its accuracy is guaranteed at +/- 1 yard, and it’s capable of measuring in both yards and meters. It also has Pin-Locking Technology, which allows the precise laser measurer to lock onto a pin up to 300 yards away.

Callaway is one of the most recognized brand names in golf, and it doesn’t hold back on features with the 300 Pro laser rangefinder. Callaway has included slope measurement tech in this device, so not only can you register your distance to the pin, but elevation changes as well. The Callaway 300 Pro also calculates the slope-adjusted distance, giving you a more accurate reading on pin distance once accounting for changes in elevation. Additionally, this rangefinder has an external on/off switch that makes it legal for tournament play. It should make a great addition to any golf bag and any golf game, and it comes with a molded hard carry case with carabiner and an elastic quick-close band.

So whether you’re looking for an upper hand on golf outings with friends or simply looking to shave a few strokes off your score, the Callaway 300 Pro laser rangefinder can help. It’s marked down to just $170 at Amazon right now, which is a $130 savings from its regular price of $300.

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