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The new Insta360 Ace Pro looks almost exactly like a GoPro, and has specs to match

The new Insta360 Ace Pro looks a lot like a GoPro

The Insta360 camera detailed picture.
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When capturing the big moves in life, you need a camera that will keep up with the pace. If you want that jump out of the plane, the views as you climb up that mountain, or the speed of that player to not be a blurry mess in every shot, an action camera is a must-have item. The GoPro has been the dominant choice on the action camera scene, but the new Insta360 Ace Pro is here to give it a run for its money. With a similar look and almost identical specs to the GoPro, thrill seekers and capturers of adventure have another option to make sure they get the shot to match the energy of the activity.

An edited picture using the Insta360 camera.
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Insta360 Ace has entered the chat

The specs that make it top-tier

  • Waterproof up to 33 feet, but if you get the Dive Case, you could go down to 196 feet.
  • Full charge in only 46 minutes (for the Ace Pro).
  • FlowState Stabilization and Horizon Lock will keep those videos from looking like a shaky, bumpy, car ride.
  • It will connect to your Apple Watch or Garmin device to add details as you like.
  • Use AI editing tools to see what’s possible.
  • A 2.4 screen you can flip to make sure the shot is how you want it from any angle.
  • Use Voice Control or Gesture Control if things are too loud.
  • Clarity Zoom will make sure those embarrassing pixelated shots never happen.
  • Day or night, get the video you want, with PureVideo for that in-between, low-light shooting.

All of this, plus so many other cool features, make the Insta360 Ace Pro a beautiful piece to create the videos you see in your head. And it was co-engineered with premium camera company Leica, so you know the quality is impeccable.

The celebrity endorsement that makes sense

If you are unsure about getting the Insta360, maybe knowing that three-time gold medalist and five-time Olympian Shaun White is a brand ambassador will help. We can’t wait to see what kind of ridiculously insane videos are created by the snowboarding legend.

Someone skiing with a camera on their helmet.
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The Ace and Ace Pro differences

If you are one of those people who can’t pick between two versions of the same item, we get it. When it comes to grabbing the Insta360 Ace or the Ace Pro, only a few details are different, so the decision shouldn’t be too hard.

If you care about how the camera feels in your hand, the Ace is a smidge lighter than the Ace Pro. The Ace Pro will run you about $70 more, but has a faster charging time over the Ace and an 8-bit color depth the Ace does not have.

Yes, GoPro is what we think of when we see videos of skateboarders doing tricks, snowboarders kicking up snow, and animals running around doing animal things. Whether you want to be the next Wes Anderson or want a quality camera to record your YouTube videos, the Insta360 Ace Pro won’t leave you with a video that looks like you shot it on your Nokia phone from the early 2000s.

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