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A man stands in a field wearing backpack and using Black diamond walking poles.

Hiking poles 101: All the different kinds — and our top picks

When searching for the best trekking poles, this is what you need to know.
Rattlesnake in the desert

How to treat a snake bite when you’re stuck in a worst-case scenario

A snake bite can be terrifying, but as long as you stay calm and follow these doctor-approved first aid tips, you'll live to hike another day.
Setting the sag on the Canyon Spectral while setting up the suspension

How to set up your mountain bike’s suspension in 10 minutes

Want to get the most from your mountain bike? Making sure your suspension is set up the right way will get you the optimal performance.
A man relaxing on a red camping hammock by a body of water.

Swing yourself to sleep under the stars with the best camping hammocks

The gentle rocking of a hammock might be the greatest way to sleep in the backcountry. Try it out yourself with our picks for the best camping hammocks of 2023.
Jenny in Utah in Outdoor Vitals hiking gear

We tested all of Outdoor Vitals’ lightweight hiking clothes: Here’s our verdict

We tested lightweight hiking gear from the Utah brand Outdoor Vitals. Here's what we thought of it.
Man pouring liquor from a flask

Take your favorite tipple from town to trail with the best camping flasks of 2023

From stainless steel to plastic and packable, the best camping flasks let you unload the weight and keep the drinks flowing on the trail. Here are our top picks.
The Pacific Northwest

Here’s your camping and outdoor guide for the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest camping opportunities are many and wonderful. Here are a few of its most renowned outdoor spots.
The Smith Wildcat sunglasses with Red Mirror ChromaPop lens

Review: Why Smith’s Wildcat sunglasses are must-haves for mountain biking

Smith has made high-quality eyewear for a long time and the Wildcat sunglasses are no exception. Smith's high standards and style make their way to the trails.
Close-up of a mountain lion with its mouth open against a green blurred background.

Here’s how to fend off a mountain lion attack and live to tell the tale

Do we need to worry about mountain lion attacks? We talked to the experts to learn more about cougars and how to both avoid and survive encounters.
Apple Watch Ultra

Good news: Why we’re likely to get a new Apple Watch Ultra this year

The impending release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in 2023 appears to be a reasonable assumption supported by credible sources.
A person snowboarding down a hillside.

This is the strongest indication yet that we should have another incredible ski and snowboard season in ’23-’24

Looking forward to skiing or snowboarding this winter? The Farmers' Almanac says it's going to be very cold
A picture of 2 trail bikes that have had some component upgrades

Save money on mountain bike upgrades with these simple tips

Whether it's a want or need, upgrading comes with mountain biking. Call them tips, tricks, or hacks, there are ways to save money while upgrading your bike.
Prometheus Design Werx Man Bouldering

These are the best tactical pants for all of your outdoor adventures

Men like to touch grass. Getting out in the great outdoors is made easier with these best tactical pants for men.
The dense jungle of The Darién Gap

Inside the Darién Gap, one of the world’s most dangerous jungles

The Darién Gap is home to many things that will try to kill you. Dehydration and starvation might be the least of your worries.
At the top of the trail in Evo's Bike Shorts and Evo's Bike Jersey

We tested out some of Evo’s most popular mountain biking gear

You ride more confidently when you're wearing the appropriate gear. Evo sent us some of their best mountain biking apparel to test and review.
Emerson TKF-1

When you need the very best EDC knife, these 8 knives make the cut

The best EDC knives come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, but these top-of-the-line blades are our favorite go-to picks.
Solo Stove cheese pizza.

Review: Does the Solo Stove Bonfire Pi attachment make a great pizza?

Solo Stove has a pizza-making attachment that sits right atop the fire pit. Here's what we think of the device.
A "share the trail" sign showing proper etiquette of who yields to who on the trail.

Mountain biking etiquette: What to know before you hit the trails

Mountain biking trails come with a whole set of rules that you may be unfamiliar with. Get to know this trail etiquette before you hit the trails.
An angler holding a rainbow trout above a fishing net.

Yellowstone river mountain whitefish should not be eaten, but rainbow trout are fine, authorities say: Here’s why

Yellowstone river train derailment has contaminated some fish species, but rainbow trout are fine.
27North RexRover overlander camper truck against a glowing studio background.

This ultra-luxe overlander rig is like a G-Wagon on steroids, and we love it

This overlander is more than a G-Wagon but might be worth every penny with a king bed, multiple TVs, a wet bath, and even a washing machine.
Burton step on for kids and splitboarders

Snowboard season is almost here, and the most insane Burton Step-On bindings just dropped

We love Burton Step-On bindings, and now they're available for kids and splitboarders.
Tightening a double fisherman's knot

How to tie the double fisherman’s knot (it’s not just for rock climbing)

The double fisherman's knot is a secure and low-profile way to attach two lengths of rope. Here's how to tie it.
Gray and blue "OPEN" sign hanging on a the front door of a small shop.

Gear up at the best locally owned outdoor stores in the U.S.

Forget the online mega retailers. We've rounded up our picks for the 14 best outdoor stores — all small and locally owned — in the U.S.
Canyon Spectral Bike

Mountain biking gear: These 3 upgrades will transform your experience

There is more to upgrade than just the components on our mountain bikes. Look beyond the bike to enhance the entirety of your mountain bike experience.
vans ultrarange review vr3

Vans UltraRange review: Putting the hiking (and real) worlds on notice

Are Vans UltraRange solid hiking shoes? We review the latest from the street-shoe mainstay.

Dispersed camping is your way to camp for free throughout the U.S. (seriously)

One-quarter of all U.S. land is federally owned and free for dispersed camping. Here's how and where to find your next dispersed campsite safely and legally.
Aventon Pace_500_3 ebike on the road with riders having fun.

These are the best ebikes of 2023 to boost any type of ride

Looking for a casual joyride without much effort, these are the 6 best ebikes of 2023, and they're so much fun to ride. Learn more about them here.
The Patagonia Stormshadow jacket, featuring GORE-TEX laminates recycled from ocean plastic.

This new Patagonia jacket is the first GORE-TEX jacket to feature 100% recycled, pfc-free GORE-TEX fabrics

GORE-TEX has released its first 100% recycled laminates to work with its PFC-free membrane, and unsurprisingly, Patagonia is the first to adopt this eco-tech.
A person walks in the woods with their phone open and AllTrails running.

Here’s why you should be using AllTrails+ to find new outdoor adventures: Review

Is the AllTrails app worth it? Should you get AllTrails+? We’ve got the answers.
Wakeboarder in colorful shorts riding in sunset.

The best board shorts for summer are fun, comfy, and eco-friendly — these are our favorites

Our board short picks are comfortable, eco-friendly, and just plain stylish.
An overhead shot of Hurricane Done, the first hurrican of 2023's Atlantac hurricane season.

El Niño can’t help: Warming in the Atlantic means an ‘above normal’ hurricane season, NOAA says

El Nino usually tempers hurricane season - not this year.

To avoid a bear attack, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park closed a road

Bears foraging for food caused park rangers at the Great Smoky Mountains national park to close a road
Couple standing outside near the open door of a Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B RV parked at a campsite.

Winnebago reveals new compact campervan with dinette, rear wet bath, and serious off-grid features

The Solis Pocket's new 36B configuration is Winnebago's most tech-forward campervan model yet, complete with 72 hours of portable, off-grid power.
Jackery is great for vanlife.

I’ve tried all the Jackery solar power generators: So which should you buy?

Jackery makes a bunch of different solar power generators. So which is right for you? Find out which capacity will best suit your needs.
Family camping

How well does your home state rank for adventure? Study reveals the best and worst states

Wyoming, Montana, and Utah stand out as the top states for thrilling outdoor experiences, offering opportunities for horseback riding, hiking, and camping.
A man stands on the mountain with a sleeping bag around him.

How to wash and care for your sleeping bag so you can use it season after season

Never again snooze in a dirty sleeping bag. Learn how to clean and care for your sleeping bag to give it a longer life and keep you warmer at night.
A view of the swamp

Why you should visit the Everglades (and our top tips for a memorable adventure)

Get a taste of Everglades National Park from Loop Road, a scenic drive that you can travel on foot, by bicycle, or from a motor vehicle.
Jumping a gap on a mountain biking trail

Mountain bike maintenance: 3 things you absolutely must do to keep your bike in good condition

Prolong the life of your bike and its components, and save money, by following simple mountain bike maintenance tips. Your bike, and wallet, will thank you.
One green backpack on a brown wooden log in the woods.

Pack your multiday backpack for comfort with our guide

You will barely notice a well-packed bag on the trail, but a badly packed one will leave you in physical pain. Here's how to pack a backpack for hiking.
A bee on a purple chive flower.

7 wild edible plants every outdoor enthusiast should know about

In this article, we'll highlight some edible plants that grow wild around much of the United States. But make sure that you identify these plants properly
A backpacker at high altitude

Altitude sickness: What you need to know about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention

High elevation might make you sick. Find out how you know and what to do if you get it.
fly fishing

These are the best fly fishing spots in the U.S.

The long days of summer are perfect for fly fishing. Here are the best towns in America to cast for trout, walleye, bass, and more.
A man skis on a clear run, with mountains and trees behind him.

‘Historically strong’ El Niño may wreak havoc on ski and snowboard season

This dramatic weather pattern hits the U.S. every few years, but how does winter 2023 shape up against historic El Nino winters?
View from Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah

2 popular national parks want your opinion about proposed fee increases and reservation changes

Two popular national parks — Bryce and Zion — are considering various fee increases and changes to reservations, and want your opinion.
Man riding through city streets on a VanMoof electric bike/ebike.

VanMoof bankruptcy shows why relying on hyper-connected e-bikes might be a dangerous bet

What happens when a next-company disappears, taking all of its "smart" products with it? VanMoof's bankruptcy highlights why hyper-connected gear can be risky.
Black pickup truck towing an REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 20X travel trailer through a desert landscape.

Airstream partners with REI (again) on the bigger, better, ultra-rugged Basecamp 20X travel trailer

The iconic RV maker once again partnered with REI Co-op to build its most aggressive and adventure-ready travel trailer ever. It's Basecamp 2.0.
Closed nature trail a Florida park

Climate change is real: Know about hiking trail closures and conditions before you set out

Is your trail closed? If you are planning on hiking or backpacking, find out what conditions your trail is in and if it is open this season.
Poison ivy leaves of three

You know you should avoid poison ivy, but stay away from these 5 plants, too

Here are 5 plants that you should avoid. Understanding what these plants look like, symptoms, and remedies can help you have a rash-free summer.
Best mountain biking destinations in Georgia feature.

The 6 best mountain biking destinations in Georgia

Whether you live here and are new to the sport or just passing through, Georgia has some of the best mountain biking destinations for all riders.
A Forge and Bond factory rider with the new F+B 30 AM wheels on the trail.

Forge and Bond’s new mountain biking wheels are trail ready

Mountain biking brand Forge and Bond's new wheels are trail focused. From long days on the 25 XC to all mountain wheels with the 30 AM, Forge and Bonds got you.