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Frederique Constant Highlife Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar is ‘accessible luxury’

Only 88 of these watches will be made

Frederique Constant Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar face
Frederique Constant

In 2023, Frederique Constant, the esteemed watchmaker hailing from Geneva, marks a double milestone — its 35th year of excellence and the 15th anniversary of pioneering in-house mechanical movements. To commemorate this achievement, the brand unveils a masterpiece, the Frederique Constant Highlife Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, a limited-edition timepiece that stakes its claim as the pinnacle of opulence within the brand’s portfolio. This horological marvel boasts not only the sophistication of an in-house automatic movement but also features a perpetual calendar complication and a tourbillon-based regulation system.

The maverick elegance of Frederique Constant

Embodying the spirit of Frederique Constant, this timepiece dances on the edge of tradition and innovation. The case, with its 41 mm diameter and 12.65 mm height, strikes a balance between presence and subtlety. Crafted from stainless steel, brushed and polished to perfection, it exudes a magnetic charm that demands attention without being ostentatious. The convex-shaped sapphire crystal adds a touch of sophistication, inviting curious gazes to explore the intricacies within.

The dial, bathed in a mesmerizing blue hue, reveals a harmonious symphony of complications. Three snailed sub-dials gracefully display the month and leap year at noon, the date at 3 o’clock, and the day of the week at 9 o’clock. Positioned at 6 o’clock is the one-minute tourbillon, accompanied by small seconds, a testament to Frederique Constant’s commitment to precision. Applied indices and hour and minute hands, adorned with Super-LumiNova, ensure legibility in any setting.

Initially encased within the traditional confines of the brand’s Classic lineage, this complication found a new home in the dynamic and recently introduced Highlife series in 2021, showcasing its versatility in both steel and resplendent rose gold variants.

Frederique Constant Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar watch
Frederique Constant

Unveiling the heartbeat: FC-975 movement

Beneath the surface, the Highlife Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar houses the FC-975 movement, a testament to Frederique Constant’s prowess in horological craftsmanship. This in-house automatic movement incorporates a tourbillon regulator with a silicon escapement wheel and anchor, boasting 33 jewels and vibrating at 28,800 vph.

The three-link integrated stainless steel bracelet, brushed and polished, embraces the wrist with comfort and style. Frederique Constant goes a step further, offering versatility with an additional blue calfskin strap and a blue rubber strap. The tool-free interchangeable strap system ensures that the watch adapts to various occasions, seamlessly blending into both formal soirees and casual escapades.

In a stroke of exclusivity, the Highlife Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar is limited to just 88 watches. This scarcity not only adds an air of collectibility but also underscores Frederique Constant’s commitment to providing a select few with a truly unique timekeeping experience.

Frederique Constant Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar rose gold
Fredeqirue Constant

The price of distinction

Priced at $28,995 for the stainless steel strap and $48,995 for the rose gold with leather strap, the Highlife Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to accessible luxury. While not an impulse purchase, it positions itself as an investment, offering a taste of horological excellence.

In the realm of watches for men, Frederique Constant has etched its name as a maverick, challenging the norms and redefining accessible luxury. So, for the modern gentleman seeking a watch that is more than just a status symbol, the Frederique Constant Highlife Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar beckons — a companion for those who appreciate the artistry of timekeeping.

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