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Hunter Lu

Hunter Lu


Hunter Lu is a New York-based food and features writer, editor, and NYU graduate. His fiction has appeared in The Line Literary Review and The Bangalore Review, and his nonfiction has appeared in Foreign Policy Magazine, Atlas Obscura, Greatist, Edible Queens, The Cleaver Quarterly, and The War Horse.

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KOW steak tomahawks

Meet the mail-order wagyu beef company prized by Gordon Ramsay and David Chang

Jon Urbana of KOW Steaks teaches us all about high-quality American Wagyu.
Spanish coffee cocktail

Beyond the espresso martini: A speakeasy mixologist teaches us all about coffee cocktails

From how to pair coffee with your cocktail ingredients to how to make a Black Manhattan, this is your expert guide to coffee cocktails.
Cucina alba Eggplant Parmigiana.

Why chocolate is the must-add ingredient for the perfect eggplant parmesan

Executive Chef Adam Leonti of the restaurant Cucina Alba is adding an interesting ingredient to his eggplant parmesan — chunks of bitter chocolate.
variety of Korean liquors

How to pair soju and beef: Master Sommelier Kyungmoon Kim of Wangbi gives us his top tips

Soju and beef are a match made in heaven. Master sommelier Kyungmoon Kim of NYC's Wangbi tell us how to pair soju and beef.
Andrew Zimmern cooking over fire.

Chef Andrew Zimmern teaches us all about wild game cooking

Andrew Zimmern, well-known TV personality and chef, teaches us about wild game cooking.
Trio of dressed oysters at Sagaponack

From roasted to dressed, a chef’s guide to upgrading your oysters

We got some advice from a chef on how to upgrade the lowly oyster to something incredible.
martini and frites and caviar

Expert bartender gives us a great martini recipe, and a chef suggests pairing it with French fries (yes, really)

A famed bartender gives us her best martini recipe
Ribs cooking in the oven

How to cook ribs in the oven: A step-by-step guide

Can you cook ribs in the oven? Yes, you can. But wait, do ribs taste good when cooked in the oven? They sure do. Learn how with this guide.
Tecate skirt steak tacos

When it comes to international barbecue, Mexican BBQ reigns supreme

The richness of Mexican cuisine is unparalleled. Keep reading to learn more about it.
Granny Smith apples in a bowl on a table.

Fall dessert recipes: Apple bread pudding and more (apples)

Here are a few the best fall dessert recipes you need to make now.
Anto beef selection

NYC restaurant offers an inside look at the exclusive world of high-end Korean BBQ

While incredibly varied, few restaurants showcase the fine-dining potential of Korean BBQ. At Anto Korean Steakhouse, Chef Luke Yoon changes that dynamic.
wood-fire pizza on board

Elevate your pizza night: A mixology expert reveals how to choose the right cocktail pairings

Instead of wine and beer, try pairing pizza with an amazing cocktail. From the classic Negroni to spicy mezcal, cocktail expert Jason Hedges breaks it down.
Cans of RisEau cbd drinks.

The 9 best CBD drinks we tried in 2023

From tasty fruit flavors to drinks that help to de-stress and mellow out, these are our favorite CBD-infused drinks.
Balvanera restaurant food

The ultimate guide to Argentinian barbecue, according to an expert

Learn all about making perfect Argentinian grilled meats, one of the most delicious barbecue styles in the world and the side dishes to go with it.
margherita pizza at heritage

Meet the pizza restaurant experimenting with ancient grains (spoiler alert: it’s delicious)

In New York, a city with an enormous array of pizza restaurants, Heritage Grand Restaurant and Pizza Bar is doing something unique — promoting ancient grains.
Genesis house Korean food

NYC’s Genesis House combines Korean food and luxury cars (and it totally works)

Part luxury car showroom, part Korean fine-dining restaurant, Genesis House NYC is a multi-faceted expression of Korean culture worthy of a visit.
Doner Haus chicken pide

Doner kebab is the delicious late-night munchie you have to try

While sausages are popular in Germany, the doner kebab reigns supreme as a fast-casual favorite. To guide us, Döner Haus in NYC breaks down this beloved food.
Nice Manners cocktail

This frozen strawberry rhubarb cocktail is the perfect summer drink

Few summer cocktails are more refreshing than an icy frozen drink. Read on as Ash Haussermann of Boulton & Watt shares their favorite frozen cocktail recipe.
halibut tail on table.

A professional chef reveals the secrets of wood-fire cooking

For amazing food, nothing beats a wood-fired oven. For an in-depth guide, Chef Ed Cotton of Jack & Charlie No. 118 guides us on the art of the wood fire.
Benjamin porterhouse whole.

The iconic Benjamin Steakhouse shares its best meat cooking tips

Interested in learning steak cooking tips from a top steakhouse? Benjamin Steakhouse of New York is here to share its best industry tips.
Two Aquavit cocktails.

The drink trend Aquavit’s head bartender says you’re sleeping on

For Scandinavian cocktails, few places have more expertise than two Michelin-starred Aquavit. Read on as head bartender Jeff Arnold takes us on a guide.
Hands holding trout

How to clean a fish for beginners: The complete guide

Landed a big catch? Nice work! Tasty fresh fish meat is just a few slices away. Follow this guide to learn how to best prepare a fresh-caught fish.
Hancock St. caviar with chips

What is caviar? A seafood expert breaks down all the details

Delicate and buttery, caviar is a luxurious delicacy. To guide us, caviar expert John McDonald of Hancock St. teaches us how to enjoy this prized ingredient.
The Billionaire’s Row.

Introducing The Billionaire’s Row, the $100 specialty cocktail that’ll have you feeling rich

Looking for a decadent cocktail? Try The Billionaire's Row at Darling, a rooftop bar in NYC. This $100 cocktail will leave you feeling on top of the world.
Fogo de Chao picanha tableside

What to know about Brazilian BBQ, a delicious meat marathon

From succulent picanha to fatty pork, Brazilian BBQ restaurants are a meat marathon and guaranteed to scratch the itch of any carnivore.
table side prime rib monterey nyc

Tips and tricks: A pro chef reveals how to cook prime rib

The highlight of any celebration or menu, prime rib requires plenty of skill to execute. Chef James Tracey of Monterey helps us break down this classic.

Hamburger expert George Motz walks us through how to cook the perfect hamburger

The great American burger actually requires a lot of culinary techniques. In this article, George Motz shows us how to make the perfect burger.
Shakshuka at Dagon NYC.

Make brisket shakshuka, the ultimate Israeli breakfast combination

Rich and savory, shakshuka is an Israeli breakfast classic. One restaurant, Dagon in NYC, is adding a spin on a classic — hearty beef brisket stew.

Everything you need to know to make Chinese hot pot at home

A savory broth filled with meat and vegetables, hot pot is a favorite among social gatherings throughout Asia. To learn how to make it home, read on.
Hound of Baskervilles cocktail.

Make these Sherlock Holmes-themed cocktails for your next party

Looking to up your cocktail game? Make these creative Sherlock Holmes-inspired cocktails and truly wow your guests at the dinner party.
chicken oyster yakitori

Chicken oysters are delicious (and you probably didn’t know they exist)

You may be throwing away the best part of a roasted chicken and not even know it. It's time to learn about the "chef's reward," aka chicken oysters.
Herd&Grace tomahawk steak on board.

You can now get this Michelin-quality beef delivered to your home

Herd & Grace beef, previously only for Michelin restaurants, is now delivering its high-quality Australian beef straight to the comfort of home.
Kebaya food on table.

Why Peranakan cooking is the unique Southeast Asian food you need to try

A fusion of Chinese, Malay, and Indian flavors, Peranakan food is unique. Read on as we take a dive into this cuisine, courtesy of Kebaya restaurant in NYC.
devils hopyard state park connecticut travel guide chapman falls

Looking for a weekend getaway from NYC? This spot is the perfect hidden outdoors adventure

Devil's Hopyard State Park is the perfect fit if you're looking for a weekend getaway. We've put together a guide on everything in the area.
Hutong desserts.

Meet the restaurant pushing modern Chinese desserts to the forefront

Modern Chinese desserts are growing. For the best place to try these innovative sweets, we visited Hutong New York to sample their new Treasure Bowl.
LORE Chapli kebab.

A chef shares his recipes for Indian kebabs with a modern twist

Kebabs are some of the best items Indian cuisine has to offer. Chef Jay Kumar of LORE has combined these classics with global flavors for an elegant new style.
Steak frites on a plate

The complete guide to everything steak frites, taught by a chef

Interested in learning how to make French steak frites? We interviewed Chef Adam Schop of Steak Frites Bistro for all the tricks and tips.
Local Black Bream with fennel, chickweed, and sudachi at Vestry

The art of Japanese binchotan grilling, explained by a Michelin-starred chef

Binchotan grilling is prized in Japan for its long burn and high heat. We interviewed an expert chef to learn about this artisanal charcoal.
Purple Tomodachi cocktail

The innovative world of Japanese cocktails, according to an expert mixologist

In the cocktail world, Japan is second to none. One cocktail lounge, GG Tokyo in NYC, is pushing that style to the forefront. We interviewed them to learn more.
how to make limoncello shots and lemons

How to make limoncello: Everything you need to know

Crafted from an aged mix of lemons and liquor, Limoncello is the bright yellow liqueur that's become synonymous with sunshine on the Italian Riviera.
Office of Mr. Moto sushi entrance.

Want incredible sushi in NYC? Go to this speakeasy (really!)

Does a sushi speakeasy pique your curiosity? The Office of Mr. Moto, New York's newest sushi speakeasy, is a culinary journey you won't soon forget.
hill country barbecue market brisket 3

Expert pitmasters reveal their top tips to make smoked brisket

If you've ever wanted to barbecue a brisket in your own backyard, these six experts tip from professional pitmasters will guide you through the process.
Chef Guo food.

This NYC restaurant’s $518, 19-course tasting menu of Chinese cuisine is amazing

For a taste of what the emperor of China once ate, try the food at Chef Guo in NYC. While expensive, the experience is well worth the price tag.
Homemade omelette on plate next to toast and orange juice.

How to make an omelet: A step-by-step guide for the perfect breakfast

The omelet is a classic dish great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. See how to make a perfect omelet every time.
ButcherBox corned beef brisket with aromatics on wooden board.

The 5 best Irish food recipes for a tasty St. Patrick’s Day feast

If you're looking for a perfect Saint Patrick's day celebration, make these delicious and crowd-pleasing Irish recipes.
Spicy Shallot Nam Prik in a basket.

Nam prik, the fiery Thai chili dip you should be adding to everything

Spicy and complex, nam prik is a Thai chili sauce you'll crave after one bite. Interested? Chef Prasert of Spicy Shallot is here with the details.
Paella from La Pulperia.

The ultimate guide to world-class seafood paella, according to an executive chef

Want to make seafood paella? We've gathered insight from expert chef Miguel Molina to learn how to make world-class seafood paella.

5 incredible corned beef hash recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Kick your traditional Irish-American meal this St. Patrick's Day up a notch by making some amazing corned beef hash.
Plate of oysters on ice.

A chef breaks down East Coast vs. West Coast oysters (plus, which is best)

Oysters are delicious and confusing. Chef Michael Cressotti of Mermaid Oyster Bar explains the differences between East Coast and West Coast oysters for us.
Good Culture Spinach and Artichoke dip placed in a bread bowl on a white kitchen counter with salad in the back.

Make these 5 easy appetizer dips for your Super Bowl party

For this Super Bowl, make these delicious and easy dips for an epic game day.