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Classic styles, striking patterns, and gorgeous colors: This year’s best winter coats for men

These are the best coats you can buy in 2023 to stay warm and stylish

the gramercy winter coats for men
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Man in duffle coat

The winter months bring with it a healthy dose of snow, ice, and blistering winds. If that sounds like a good time, it probably means you have a great coat collection. However, if you are like most of us and you think that sounds like misery, it means you have some growth needed in your coat closet. Lucky for you, we have collected some of the best winter coats for the 2023/2024 season.

Of course, there are dozens of coats and brands that you can choose from. From duffle coats and leather bombers to overcoats and peacoats, you can always find something new and different to upgrade your collection. But no matter what you choose, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are doing your shopping for men’s winter coats.

Man in cashmere coat
Michael Fenton / Unsplash

What’s in style in 2023?

You can always go with the good old trusty classics like the brown leather moto jacket or the cashmere overcoat. However, the winter of 2023/2024 is the perfect time for you to upgrade your coat closet with something new and different.

This season, the first thing you should look for is a new and different color. Rich olives, greens, and other colors that contrast with the usual browns and navies are the best to look for, along with eye-catching patterns that will elevate your collection immediately. Here are the best options for your consideration.

&SONS Green Peacoat on a man

&SONS Green Boardwalk Peacoat

The Boardwalk Peacoat is one of the iconic cornerstone items that propelled &SONS to the powerhouse in rugged menswear that it is. Of course, most peacoats carry with them the classic blue from its naval origins. But the newest addition to &SONS’ collection is a variation on the classic in army green. It still features the wide collar perfect for shielding you from the elements and the snap tab to close the front around your neck. But the new color will help you stand out like never before.

Thursday Boots Roadster Jacket in Black Coffee
Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots Roadster

Freedom, liberty, and independence. All American values are what the Roadster by Thursday Boots is built on. It isn’t designed for fashion. It is designed to be a part of you. It is meant to be the shell you wear when you face the best and the worst that life has to offer. The black coffee color is about as dark brown as you can get before you end up wearing black. It may not be designed for fashion, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of it.

Overland Sheepskin Jackson Toscana
Overland Sheepskin Co.

Overland Sheepskin Jackson Toscana

Overland Sheepskin Co. is one of the go-to places for anything in a mountain or ski town. It knows how to keep you warm when you are in some of the coldest environments imaginable. While they are some of the most functional coats on the market, that doesn’t mean they can’t be the best looking as well. The Jackson Toscana sports a distressed Spanish sheepskin and a shearling lining that will keep equal parts warm and in style.

Cordings Grey Fox Check Follifoot Coat

Cordings Grey Fox Check Follifoot Coat

It isn’t always about colors, as sometimes the colors need a pattern to go all out with their inspirational style. This jacket by Cordings is one of the quintessential items that your closet needs. Cordings began as a waterproofer for outdoorsmen in Britain and became the number-one outfitter for explorers all over the region. Today, it is the place to go if you are looking for the perfect marriage between fashion and function. This coat is the perfect example of what that means and the perfect addition to your closet.

Rodd and Gunn Lodestone Coat
Rodd and Gunn

Rodd and Gunn Lodestone Coat

From the British Isles to the Great Down Under, Rodd and Gunn is one of New Zealand’s premier clothiers. While it specializes in everything from military-style boots to swim shorts, it also has some stellar outerwear for your consideration. This Lodestone Coat is brilliant in its simplicity with a color that will stand out among every other overcoat around it. Another great benefit of this particular coat is that its color allows it to pair with virtually anything you have in your closet.

Brook Taverner Wales Moss Check Country Coat
Brock Taverner

Brook Taverner Wales Moss Check Country Coat

If you want rich colors, striking patterns, and classic items that stand the test of time, then English retailer is the resource you need. Brook Taverner is one of the brands that many English countryside residents turn to when they need something to make their lives easier. This Wales Moss Check Country Coat is perfect for you to wear on a leisurely stroll through the English countryside or on a fox hunt. Of course, if you are just looking for something to keep you warm for the winter and look great, then this coat is more than suitable.

Looking great is one of the most important things we like to preach here at The Manual. But, of course, staying warm has to be the number one concern for anyone who is braving the harsh cold this winter. Lucky for you and all of us, the above selections accomplish both feats. Choose any one of these best men’s winter coats, and your collection will immediately be elevated to the best it has ever been.

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